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Social Media is the First Step to Recognition

March 16, 2017

Social Media is the First Step to Recognition

One should always keep in mind the fact that no matter how democratic and liberal the society you are living in is, we are still on our way of getting rid of stereotypes and prejudiced attitude. It is of utmost significance to make a good first impression and be prepared to demonstrate the best out of your “personal arsenal.”

As soon as you’ve decided to apply for a college, be ready to polish all your social media presence as it is possible that some college admission officer may check any of your profiles, to make sure you are the right person to fit their surrounding.

What measures have to be taken so as to make your reputation irreproachable?

Proper name

It is vital to register under your real name as it serves as the main identifier of your personality. Whether you create an account for personal use or with certain business motives, make sure you indicated your name professionally and accordingly!

Privacy settings

Your online persona may tell a lot about the lifestyle, habits and qualities you might possess in real life. So far as your social media is concerned, it is better to check the privacy setting of all your existent profiles. In case an admission officer decides to monitor your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, be confident you restricted access to the wall, pictures, tags for any undesirable visitors.

Photo Libraries

One more thing that has to be regulated is your photo reporting. Look through the uploaded pictures and those you are tagged in. Perhaps, you will find some old shocking photos that definitely shouldn’t reach someone’s glance, especially the admission’s officer.

Google results

Google yourself before the college admission officer did it first! Thoroughly examine all the show-ups Google provided you with, and either delete the unwanted results (if possible) or alter them commenting on online news stories and various blogs. Be aware of everything connected with your personality.

Use your Social Media with Benefits

We have looked through the points that highlight social media influences at its worst; however, social media is not so much dangerous as it might seem. A sensible track of your postings and news may crucially boost interest in you.

Like LinkedIn, Twitter and etc. are the best sites to network and connect with professionals in your field and following the Instagram and Facebook pages of the target colleges, leaving comments and worthy questions may improve your digital position in a particular school, as well. Create a profile on ZeeMee and become a part of student’ life before you go to a target college. One more advice concerns a positive representation of the events happening in your life. Let people, in particular, the admission officer, see what a great and well-educated person you are.

Consider that the right management of the social media provides you with a greater opportunity to become a center of attention and raises interest in your candidacy!


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