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Read Across America Day

March 2, 2017

Read Across America Day

The goals of the celebration

The main goal is to celebrate the joy of reading, because is a great, fun and useful thing to do! Read Across America Day is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of reading and motivating children to read more.

The date of the celebration

Read Across America is celebrated on the 2nd of March because it’s the day when Dr. Seuss, an outstanding children’s author, was born.

How it all started

Read Across America Day is a rather young holiday. It’s celebrated thankfully to the National Education Association (NEA). This association first had the idea of making a special day to increase reading motivation in 1997, and the next year, Read Across America day was celebrated for the first time. 

People who celebrate this day  

Children, schools, librarians, principals and teachers celebrate this day throughout the United States. Teachers and principals take especially active part in the festivities in order to show children the joy of reading.

How to celebrate this day  

Activities and festivities to celebrate Read Across America Day are different. They can comprise reading contests, parties or organization of book fairgrounds where children can discover new, fascinating literature. Another initiative, which teachers sometimes take, is the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday where children can have fun reading some of Dr. Seuss’s works aloud.  

Things to do on this day  

  • Develop a serious intention to read more. Your statement can be very specific. You may state the exact books or the exact number of books that you want to read during this or next year. If you have no idea what to read – you can ask your family members and friends for recommendations. If that didn’t help either, go to the local library and ask the experienced librarians. Just make sure to give them a direction.
  • Become a volunteer! In case you’re a middle school student you can become a reading mentor for children in the elementary school.
  • Dress up like a character from the children’s books. Wolf, Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh? Who do you like more?
  • Create a bookmark themed with your number one favorite book.
  • Join a book club or start one yourself!

Facts About Read Across America Day

  • 200 – 250 words a minute is the speed of reading of the average person.
  • Regrettably, about 40% of the school-age kids are defined as poor readers.
  • According to the findings of the latest research, you will become better at studies if you start reading more. That’s an excellent reason to read!
  • Actors take active part in different Read Across America Day Festivities. For instance, Danny DeVito and Zac Efron, actors who starred in The Lorax movie, were a part of the Read Across America celebration day in 2012. During the celebration, they read Dr. Seuss books out loud. In the same year, singer Taylor Swift participated in Read for Trees program. 

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