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Productivity Killers

October 24, 2016

Productivity Killers

Productivity is not as easy thing as it can appear for the first time. No matter whether you think, you are good at something or bad at it, only increased efficiency may show how well you do. Breaking bad habits is essential for your productivity.

Here is a list of 10 things you should give up doing immediately:

Unnecessary web-surfing

When you are writing your annual report, aren’t you distracted by random questions at least for half an hour?

Quora user Suresh Rathinam suggests taking a notepad, writing your thoughts down and looking them up during your free time.

Moral Licensing

It is always difficult to start doing some new activity or even try to stick to a new routine. Moral licensing is a kind of phenomenon when we abandon something new as soon as we began doing it.

In order to overcome your ego, try to perceive the result as a part of yourself and try to enjoy the process.

Never put off till later what you can do now

Most people prefer completing easy job at the beginning of the day and finish with the difficult one, but in most cases, they fail.

It is a well-known fact that it is much more efficient to complete difficult tasks first and end the day with the easy ones.

No to unnecessary meetings

Nowadays people have dozens of applications to get in touch any moment in any place, which really distracts their working day.

BlueGrace Logistics founder Bobby Harris suggests conducting only the most important negotiations and not spending more than half of the planned time for it.

Overtasking yourself

No more than just 2 percent of people can efficiently perform a few tasks at once.

You should stop wasting your time on ineffective multi-tasking.

Ignoring the alarm clock

When you hit the snooze button, you may think you are having a few extra rest minutes. Unfortunately, you are wrong.

Your endocrine system starts to release special hormones to wake you up. As you put your body back to bed you are only decreasing you future productivity.

Too much self-assurance

People often try to kill two birds with one stone. For example, you are studying economics but preparing yourself for medical university. This is a common productivity killer.

Warren Buffett has an ideal recipe against this. Once he asked a failing pilot to make a list of 25 things, he wants to achieve before death. However, rather than completing all of them, he had to choose only five most significant.


On your road to success, you might think you need to plan everything in advance. This is quite a bad habit.

Try to plan maximum 5 hours of your day and you will not be caught by something unexpected.

Life drift

Always take time to make a few plans for your future long-term aims. In order to increase productivity, says Harvard lecturer Dr. Robert Pozen, understand your final goal and make a perfect way towards its achieving.

Screens away

Your devices can not only ease your life, but also damage your health. Try not to leave your smartphone near the bed as it suppresses melatonin production, which is a regular sleep hormone.


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