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Process Essay

A process essay is aimed at explaining or showing how something / somebody works, how something is done, or how or why something happens. You can write your process essay on a great number of different topics, such as How Does a Black Hole Functions? How to Write a Process Essay? How Can the Dark Matter Be Obtained? How Does the Higgs Boson Work? How to Prepare the Most Exquisite and Delicious Dessert Known as Anna Pavlova? Or How Can the Heat Capacity of Air Be Calculated?

In order to write an excellent process essay, you should be knowledgeable about the chosen topic that you are planning to dwell on. The principle aim of a "How to Essay" is to provide your future readers with simple guidelines or rules so that they can easily understand what they should or should not do.  

Before you start to complete your process essay, you should take into consideration the points given below:

  • Complete the list of possible process essay topics that could be interesting for you, as well as your future readers.
  • Choose the topic that you can easily cope with.
  • Conduct research if you consider that you are not sure of some details, data, or facts.
  • Consult professionals or experts if there is a necessity.
  • Explain everything as clearly as only possible.
  • Specify what methods, techniques, materials, technologies, equipment, ingredients, or instruments are needed to fulfill the set goal.
  • Indicate what guidelines, rules or requirements should be followed to reach the set goal.
  • Check your process analysis essay for mistakes, misprints, as well as plagiarism.
  • Consult an expert, just in case, to make sure that all the information provided in your process essay is trustworthy and reliable. 

While writing a process essay, you should DO and DO NOT the following things:


  • Use appropriate terms and formulations.
  • Give definitions of some terms, if necessary.
  • Present only factual and reliable information, data, materials, statistics, formula, etc.
  • Highlight the most significant information.
  • Use different examples or interesting facts in your essay.
  • Use transitions, such as on the one hand, on the other hand, to be brief, to begin with, thus, nevertheless, otherwise, as a rule, etc. These words or phrases will assist you in directing your readers from one step to the next one. You should also use such signaling phrases or words, such as firstly, lastly, secondly, last nut not least, initially, finally, etc.


  • Use unreliable information. Try to check each detail or fact. Provide only corroborative pieces of evidence, facts, and examples.
  • Avoid starting your process essay with what should be done. Remember that each essay should comprise the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The step-by-step guide should be presented in the main body, but in the introduction.
  • Avoid being boring and uninteresting.

Frequently Made Mistakes When Completing a Process Essay

  • Taking up too simple or too complicated subject.
  • Failing to use very significant details or facts that can lead to unpredictable consequences in case one of your readers follows your instructions or directions.
  • Mixing the order of the steps that can result in misunderstandings.

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