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Now your academic years are behind and you feel prepared for looking for a job of your dream. You have already decided what direction you desire to move in. You intend to become an expert in your field and achieve success. However, the point is that you do not have any work experience. As a result, you resume looks somewhat poor. The HR managers looking through such a resume will not consider an applicant suitable for a particular job position. Thus, the question is how a college or high school graduate having no experience can create an outstanding resume.

One may browse the Internet to find some hints on writing a resume. However, it is most likely you will be provided with some general directions for creating a resume which will be of no use to you. When following those directions, you will not be able to produce a catchy resume.Nevertheless, there is still an excellent solution to this problem. Follow the helpful prompts mentioned below and you will succeed in writing a resume, even if you are an inexperienced specialist.

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Helpful Prompts to succeed in Resume Writing

Present Your Career Aspirations

It is sometimes said that presenting your career goals can hurt your resume by making it sound outdated. The thing is that the aim of describing career goals is not clearly identified. It is sometimes thought that describing one’s career prospects is a way of hinting the HR manager at the position an applicant wants to obtain. However, everything is the other way round. Talking about your career objectives is a great means of demonstrating those of your abilities and qualities that will help you perform your professional duties.

You should keep in mind that presenting your career goals will make your resume solid. It is a wonderful opportunity to show the potential employer that you are a skilled candidate holding appropriate qualifications for occupying a certain position. You should begin your resume with describing your skills that make you a unique applicant. In this way, you will be able to interest a hiring manager in your personality.

Below, there are two examples of the way career goals can be presented in. One of the examples is provided by a high school graduate, while the other – by the college one.

  • Career Goal Presented by a High School Graduate:

“Bright high school graduate (3.2. GPA) having great writing and leadership skills. I am looking for applying my broad knowledge in the field of [field] by occupying a position of an [job position] in your enterprise. My deep desire to acquire new abilities will help your agency grow.”

The aforementioned career goal sounds solid. It shows applicant’s firm intention to develop and bring success to a company. Remember to include your GPA score in your career goal if it is above the 3.0 point.

  • Career Goal Presented by a College Graduate:

“College graduate (3.3/4.1 GPA) holding Bachelor degree in [research area]. Searching for a possibility of using my skills and broadening my experience by getting a job [position] in your company. A hard-working specialist is willing to help the company reach its goals.”

When introducing your career objective, do not forget to mention your degree and a GPA score, if it is above the 3.0 point. Moreover, present the skills and expertise that an HR manager will find suitable for holding the offered job position.

Mind that it is essential to describe yourself as the most appropriate candidate having the abilities required for the job position you are going to apply for. When including this information in your career goal description, you will make your resume fascinating.

Create a Broad Education Part

The resumes of seasoned specialists usually include a short section describing their education. The majority of resumes contain just the name of attended school, main subject, graduation date, and a GPA score.

Nevertheless, applicants having no experience should widen the resume section presenting data about their education. In order to make this part sound more decent, add the following facts to it:

  • GPA (if it is above 3.0)
  • Activities you took part in
  • Sport
  • Academic achievements
  • Research work
  • Published items

If you prepare an extended section representing your education, you will be able to demonstrate your qualities in the best way. What is more, by mentioning participation in different activities, including sport, you will let the potential employer understand that you value teamwork. When providing information about your awards and research work, you will demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about a respective field.

Applicants sometimes find it hard to write about the activities they have participated in. Thus, you should place an emphasis on the research projects you have carried out. Certainly, creating a worthy education part may take some time. However, this section plays a fundamental role in the resume of an applicant without experience.

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Present Your Accomplishments Properly

Did you take an active part in school life? Did you organize different events? Did you present any academic projects? Did you write articles for the school newspaper? If you participated in these activities, add information about them to your “Achievements” section.

Note that the part representing your achievements may follow the education one by extending it. Thus, there will not be any blank spaces in your resume. This section should be structured as that describing applicant’s work experience. The only difference is that it will be headed as “Achievements,” as you have not been paid for your school activities. Provide a few details to describe your duties within each type of activity you have undertaken.

Take a look at the following points to understand what information may be provided if you participated in a student government:

  • Organized a few conferences within the set budget.
  • Investigated students’ complaints concerning educational issues.
  • Organized major campaigns against smoking and alcohol drinking.

The points presented above will help you show your managerial and leadership skills. Your prospective employer will understand that you are able to solve complicated issues. If you provide useful information about your achievements, HR managers will not find the lack of experience a serious drawback.

There is no need to panic if you are an inexperienced candidate. If you take the steps described above, you will not have any difficulties with creating an impressive resume highlighting your remarkable skills and superior qualities. Be sure you will be invited for the interview. There is one more useful tip you need to take into account when writing your resume: create a well-written cover letter. It will also help you make your resume complete, even though you have no experience in a specific field.

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