Pop Culture Essay: Writing Tips

Pop culture essay writing may be difficult for students to complete due to its broad nature. Pop culture covers many different points and areas and can be presented in the paper differently. If you are assigned with a task of writing essay on pop culture, you need to be ready for a thorough and detailed research of the topic. Pop culture is basically everywhere. Even if you do not want to be a part of it, it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid it in the modern globalized world. Moreover, it has a great influence on our daily lives. You become involved in this culture simply using your phone or communication with people around. However, it is difficult to say that it is a negative phenomenon.

Pop culture can be traced in different spheres of life, including daily activities, art, etc. Some manifestations of this culture are obvious, while the aothers are somehow hidden or masked. This way or another, if you are assigned with pop culture essay writing, you will have to consider a great variety of pop culture essay topics. Below, you will find a number of topics that can serve as a suggestion for your paper. 

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Pop Culture Essays Writing

The structure of such essay depends on a type of paper you are writing. If you are dealing with a simple essay, you will have to follow 5 paragraph structure of the paper. In general, essays follow a simple structure as discussed below:

  • Introduction

This section presents your topic and ends with a clearly articulated thesis statement. It also contains some interesting information, which is called “hook” to make the readers interested in your work.

  • Body

Simple short essay usually contains of three paragraphs and provides detailed explanation of your topic. It is recommended to provide one idea per paragraph. 

  • Conclusion

This section provides summary of the key points and restates the thesis. Avoid providing new information in this section. 

The phenomenon of pop culture can be addressed from different perspectives. While some people consider it to be a culture of consumerists, the other individuals describe it as an integral part of globalization and even as a lifestyle.

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Topics for Essays on Pop Culture

  • Can pop culture be considered a culture of consumerism?
  • What are the key elements of pop culture?
  • Impact of pop culture on everyday life of people
  • Pop culture and religion
  • Commercial side of pop culture
  • Who benefits from propagating pop culture?
  • What positive social changes can pop culture initiate?
  • Low quality pop culture. What is it and how is it characterized? 
  • Central message of pop culture
  • Why is pop culture so popular?
  • History of pop culture development
  • Special features of pop culture of different time periods
  • Is it possible to predict the development of pop culture in the future? 
  • What are the most popular trends of pop culture?
  • How do people who do not understand pop culture influence its development?
  • The way pop culture influences personality shaping
  • Andy Warhol and the beginning of pop culture
  • Pop music and its usage during social events
  • How is pop music used for promoting globalization and its values? 
  • Pop culture and drugs. Is there any connection?
  • Development of pop music and its current state
  • Key figures in pop culture
  • Popular and classic music: comparison and evaluation
  • Key figures in pop music development
  • Tattoo art as an integral part of modern pop culture
  • The Beatles and their influence on pop mucus development
  • Phenomenon of reality TV shows
  • Online world and its connection to pop culture development
  • Advertising and popular culture
  • How does advertising influence pop culture development?
  • Celebrities and their influences on masses
  • Contemporary pop music and its types 
  • Celebrity and hero: what is the difference? 
  • Investigate how racism is presented in the modern popular music
  • Is there a connection between social networking and the choice of pop music?
  • How does Internet shape people’s taste regarding music they listen to? 
  • Celebrity and hero: what is the difference? 
  • Investigate how racism is presented in the modern popular music
  • Is there a connection between social networking and the choice of pop music?
  • How does Internet shape people’s taste regarding music they listen to? 
  • What does popular music mean? Provide a research on this topic starting with definition of popular music as a phenomenon. 
  • How good or bad the values the modern music promotes are? What are the core messages in modern songs? 
  • Do you think that modern music forms worldviews of people? If yes, in which way?
  • How can you explain the phenomenon of piracy in the modern world in relation to popular culture? 
  • What is the difference between a popular culture and a traditional one. Provide a definition for both of them. 
  • Explain if there is a difference between how the majority of people perceives popular culture and how it is presented in the media.
  • Does social media influence what we listen and watch? Does it play any role in forming our tastes in music? In which way?
  • Provide personal reflection on the role of pop culture in modern society? Does it make more harm than good? 
  • Choose a specific area of pop culture and discuss its positive implication of the development of the society. 
  • Choose a particular example of modern pop culture and explain what influence it has on people and shaping their worldview. 
  • In your opinion: what do you think makes celebrities so popular and what makes people attracted to them?
  • What influence do celebrities have on audience and how this influence can be used to control masses and shape their opinions on different issues? 
  • Does social status influence the level of dedication to pop culture?
  • Does social status shape the tastes of people in music? Why or why not? 

Final Word

Pop culture essay can be written either on one of the above listed topics or any other connected to this phenomenon. Regardless of the topic, this essay writing can be a real fun if you know what you are writing about and if you approach this topic from the correct perspective. Investigating the phenomenon of pop culture can be interesting, as it greatly influences the lives of modern people. Learning more about it can help understand contemporary way of life better.

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