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Poetry Analysis Writing

Poetry Analysis, which is also known as a poem review, is a review of a poem. The following piece of writing is aimed at analyzing the figures of speech, symbols, allusions, and other instruments used by a poet in his / her work, as well as presenting one's ideas or viewpoints on the chosen poem. When you have to complete a Poetry Analysis, you should not simply review or rewrite the phrases and words used by the poet. The key thing that you should do is to comprehend what a poet tried to express with the help of specific words or phrases. A poetry work can be compared to an iceberg, where words and phrases are its top, and a real meaning is what is hidden under the water or, in other words, between the lines. In order to write poetry analysis essay, it is recommended to conduct thorough research on the background of the poem creation. In order to get general ideas about Poetry Analysis, search for and read books on the introduction to poetry analysis.

Before starting to complete your Poetry Analysis, take into account the following points presented below:

  • Sometimes, your teacher may give you the assignment to analyze a certain poem without providing you with concrete poetry analysis questions. He or she can also suggest you a thesis statement so that you may base your poetry analysis essay on it.
  • Sometimes, a teacher or professor can allow you to choose the poem that you like and write a poetry analysis essay in the way you consider suitable. In this case, it is advised to choose a specific subject or question for analysis.
  • Analyze the figures of speech, language, or rhyme in order to state your points of view or ideas.
  • When making an analysis of the poem's theme, do research on the epoch when it was created. Try to find the relation between what the poet described in his / her work and the general atmosphere of the epoch. You should also pay special attention to all poem's events or details and the way that they are described by the author. You can compare the events or details of the poem under analysis with other masterpieces written during the same epoch or century.
  • Think of the author's feelings, emotions, attitudes, concerns, or problems.
  • While reading the chosen poem, underline the words or phrases that seem vivid, colorful, prominent, original, etc. Every time you read the poem, take notes of your impressions and emotions.
  • Sometimes it can help a lot when you or other people read the poem aloud.
  • You can always have a look at one or two poetry analysis essay examples given on our website.

How to write a poetry analysis: Tips on the frequently made mistakes that should be avoided:

  • While analyzing poetry, try to find out what message was hidden by the author in his / her work.
  • Avoid making a shallow and one-dimensional analysis.
  • Failing to use the examples from the poem can result in a bad grade. Try to support your point of view or idea with a quote from the poem.
  • Avoid using long quotes.
  • Avoid repeating the already used quotes.
  • Avoid following the well-established templates. When it comes to poem analysis, the only thing that does matter a lot is your point of view on the poem.

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