Pets and Studying

February 21, 2018

Pets and Studying

Pets bring a lot of positive emotions to their owners. People who have a cat or dog at home are often very kind and tender. Probably, not everyone considers the fact that animals are not just pets that can be stroked and with which you can play; first of all, they are living creatures that constantly require proper care. This is a very hard work. After all, a person should be responsible for the health and life of a cat or dog. Being a student, it is even more difficult to take care of a pet, since most of the time it taken by studying. However, eventually it is possible. Here are some tips to help you.

How to Care About a Pet While Being a Student

Pets in Dormitory

If you live in a dormitory, you may face a few difficulties. The first problem can arise if the rules of your hostel forbid keeping pets. Before buying a kitten or puppy, study this issue carefully. Some colleges do not allow students to have cats and dogs, but they allow living with some other animals, for example, with hamsters or turtles. Almost no universities and colleges will mind if you decide to have an aquarium with fish in the room, but at the same time, the rules of a particular educational institution can regulate its size. Another important point is the attitude of your roommate. Make sure that your future pet will not create inconvenience to your friend.

Moving from Home

Moving is a huge stress for a person, and for a defenseless cat or dog it is even more difficult to cope with such a new experience. Make sure that your roommates and other neighbors in the dormitory do not mind that you take the pet out of the house. It is also very important to know whether your roommate has pets too. Very often, it is quite difficult for two animals to get along with each other in one room.


A pet needs to learn many things and get new skills. Caring for a cat or a dog can be compared to raising a child. You have to spend a lot of your free time on a pet, so be prepared for it. A kitten or a puppy will need to know how to go to the toilet. You must also control the health of the animal, consult a veterinarian, and do all the necessary procedures and vaccinations. In addition, you need to walk with your pet every day. It is also important to monitor the nutrition of your cat or dog, as animals also need to get enough vitamins and minerals. Do not forget about the hygiene too.

Many students, who are roommates, decide to have one pet together. In this case, some problems may arise. You need to allocate the responsibilities properly and spend as much time on the cat or dog as your neighbor does. You also need to be able to agree on who will take the pet home on vacation.


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