Personal Statement Writing

A personal statement is a paper that you are supposed to prepare so as to inform a college or university admission board about your skills, experiences, knowledge, as well as merits. A personal statement is to be written in an eloquent, concise, and logical manner. The following piece of writing should contain about 600-900 words. All the information provided by you in your personal statement should be reliable and true. Take into account that sometimes an admission board can check whether one of the facts mentioned in your writing is upright.   

In order to complete your personal statement accordingly and successfully, you should follow the set personal statement format requirements and standards. You should also do your best to present all your talents, merits, aptitudes, skills and experiences in the most suitable way. Remember that your key aim is to convince the admission board that you are a unique person who is worth becoming a member of a college or university academic community. 

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Notwithstanding personal statements differ between colleges, universities, as well as states; they are similar in the key things that an applicant should present. 

A personal statement means that it should be devoted to a person who is writing it - YOU. You are the only person who should show your passion for and interest in the field of science that you have chosen. You are expected to prove your suitability for the chosen subject or course you are eager to attend in the future.

When you are going to write a personal statement for college or university, you are advised to take into consideration the points given below:

  • Prepare the list of all your skills, experiences, knowledge, and merits.
  • Narrow down your list to the most significant things that you consider to be suitable for your chosen subject or future profession.
  • If you mention some piece of information used by other people in your personal statement, do not forget to provide a reference.  
  • You should avoid showing off all your skills, knowledge or experiences in an arrogant and scornful manner.
  • Avoid using a colloquial writing style.
  • The main focus should be made on your personality. Do not shift this focus onto other people as you are to write your personal statement and not theirs.

We hope that we have answered your question: "What is a personal statement?" and that now you know what should be done to write a perfect personal statement. We also want you to pay attention to the most frequently made mistakes that you should avoid by all means when writing your personal statement.  

  • Avoid presenting other people's ideas, discoveries, thoughts or data as if they were your own ones. To be on the safe side, provide a clear reference in your work.
  • Avoid providing too many facts, details, or pieces of information or evidence.
  • Do not focus on your drawbacks, problems or weak points. All personal statements should be clear, positive and interesting.
  • Avoid using slang or colloquial words.
  • Do not use out-of-date or irrelevant data, facts, materials, or statistics.

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