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Parents Going to College With Their Kids

October 13, 2016

Parents Going to College With Their Kids

Most students see going to college as an opportunity to get away from parents’ care, as most of us consider this care to be overwhelming. Young people just want to feel the taste of freedom and free life.  After all, isn’t this the independence we are striving for? But, seems like not all of the students want to set themselves free from parents’ (over)protection and go explore this world alone. Moreover, not all parents are ready to let their children go. Uprising process consists of holding child’s hand at the beginning, when the child starts getting to know this world, and the wisdom of knowing when to let go. Some moms and dads are so afraid something bad will eventually happen, when their precious baby is out of their reach that they decide to leave everything and relocate, in order to have the possibility to be closer to their freshman. Why waiting for your kid to come visit you during holidays, if you can see him/her every day?

A New Trend

Parents moving to college with their students has become a trend. In 2008 it was noticed by a real estate firm, that had compared average home prices in over 300 college towns. Though College Home Price Comparison Index haven’t been calculated in several years, agents see this trend within home sales and home rentals near college campuses.

Agents say, that the situation when parents relocate for the sake of staying in touch with their children, is not that unique after all. Some parents even sell their houses and move 400-500 miles to rent or buy a house close to the campus to live with their beloved freshmen.


Of course, there are pros and cons of such situation. First of all, let’s talk about the advantages.

Freshman’s life is full of stresses. Meeting new people, gaining new responsibilities… So many changes! And isn’t it great when at least something stays the same? Living together with your parents while being a freshman unconditionally makes your first year in college less stressful (obviously, if you’re getting along with your mom and dad. Otherwise this might become the source of additional stress and turn your life into hell).

When you live together, you have the possibility to stay close and keep strong family bonds. You can easily stick to family traditions like, for example, Friday dinners or playing basketball in the yard.

One more obvious advantage of sharing home with your parents during the college period is cutting down the costs on housing. You don’t have to think about buying and cooking food – your dinner is always ready, and mommy sure knows about your food preferences… So tempting, right?


But, you see, it’s impossible to grow up if your mom and dad solve all of your problems for you. The main disadvantage of continuing living with your family after graduating from school is that there’s a great risk of staying immature and unable to achieve anything in your life. Why making any efforts when you know that parents will make everything for you?

To sum up, there’s advice for parents: avoid helicopter parenting, be friends with your children and don’t prevent them from becoming adults. Certainly, you should be a strong back-up, your kids should know that they can rely on you, but don’t  overprotect them. Let them win their own struggle for independence. Take care!


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