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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

October 4, 2017

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

No matter how good you are at writing and whether you have any writing skills or not, you definitely will need to write something in your academic career. Everyone may experience writer’s block sometime, which just slows down your entire writing process and blocks your successful writing at all. Whether you were writing a college research paper or a college essay you had to experience somehow writer’s block for sure. Have you ever wondered about the key solution to this tricky problem? Find out how you can get rid of it with the help of these useful hints.

Write an outline

Thinking process is very often so messy, a huge trouble may be just to put your own thoughts in a word because you know what you want to say, but you don’t know how to do it. Organizing your ideas and thoughts in an outline helps a lot. When a great idea comes to your mind just write it down, so then you’ll be able to decide whether you want to begin or finish with that point. Thus you are able to add something spontaneously or vice versa remove everything that you feel is useless.

Take a break from writing

When you constantly force yourself to write, your brain may be exhausted and the best idea now is to take some time to recharge ‘its batteries.’ Moreover, sometimes after doing something else, your brain starts work with fresh new power and it may be more productive even before you’ve started.

Your mind needs some rest

You can’t work without rest and relax, can you? The same goes to your mind. You may be tired or just some else thoughts are on your mind, so it’s impossible to be creative and productive. It’s like you want to cook fried eggs with rancid eggs, really it can’t be delicious! The same happens with your brain, you won’t write anything good if your mind is exhausted and full of messy thoughts. The cooking-writing process can’t be good if you have a bad start from the very beginning. You can’t cook from spoiled food.

Say no to procrastination

You can’t write thoroughly being in a hurry, you may be nervous and feel the panic because of the deadline. Some people say that it’s better for them to write under pressure, but for the most people it doesn’t work really. I do believe that avoiding procrastination really matters. So take your time, breath in deeply, and start writing with no hurry and pressure.

Do something inspiring

It may happen that you feel stuck at some point and no creative ideas come to your mind. That’s okay, don’t worry; you just need some time for recharging. Just do something that can boost your mood and creativity, it doesn’t have to be something great, really if it’s just a cup of your favorite latte, just have a sip and start with a new fresh breath.

There is nothing wrong to have writer’s block; even the best writers have it. With the tips listed above it’s obvious that you CAN OVERCOME writer’s block. Just don’t pressure yourself and try the tips above! You can do it!  


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