Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a type of academic papers that requires writing a story of a particular situation or event. It is something like a short narrative novel. The main aim of it is to present an interesting and engaging story. Narrative essay writing requires that you be very creative and in some way it makes you feel as a writer. Also you have to know that narrative essays should focus on your personal experience. If you want to know some useful information about narrative paper writing, read the article below.

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Some Points to Take into Consideration

  • Before beginning your essay, you have to choose the genre of writing.
  • In case you cannot begin your paper, you can try to use question and answer method in order to ease the process of writing. If you want to use this approach, you have to ask yourself some questions about the story you want to tell and then proceed to developing the plot. For instance, you can ask yourself “Where and when did the situation occur?” and then move to the next one “What were the actions of people involved as well as the consequences of the situation described?”
  • While writing a narrative essay, you should adhere to the proper structure. Even though a narrative essay is a rather informal kind of writing, you should still remember that you cannot present it in a manner you would tell this story to your friends. Do not make your essay too simplistic and conversational as it will not bring you a positive result. You have to balance between presenting your story in an exciting and interesting way and writing stylistically right. 
  • You can support evidence with the help of a hypothesis. As you are the author of your paper, you can provide a possible description of the events in a way they could have occurred if someone had acted in a different manner.
  • If you want to make your paper more unique, you may use “flashback narration” literary technique. It means that you should begin your paper with description of a certain situation that happened in a particular period of time, and then present the circumstances that lead to it.
  • Try to write using creative and figurative language. If you remember narrative essay definition, it is such kind of paper where you can express yourself in the unique and creative way. Do not be afraid to sound too figurative as here you can do it.
  • While creating your narrative paper, you may use unusual and interesting word combinations in order to make your paper more exciting.

The Most Common Mistakes in Narrative Essays

  • Using the third person; narrative essays should be written in the first person.
  • Focusing too much on the action by overloading your sentences with verbs. In such a way, you fail to present the full picture of your situation. You have to balance your writing by combining verbs with adverbs and adjectives.
  • Using slang words. Such stylistic technique can be applicable in monologues and dialogues of the characters if it is relevant to the situation you describe. However, you should know that you must avoid slang words in indirect speech.  

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