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Most Terrifying Places

December 2, 2016

Most Terrifying Places

Apart from alien landscapes, our planet is scattered with creepy places and haunted buildings that make us feel absolutely terrified. Despite being frightened to death, we continue to investigate these mysterious locations, five of which are presented below.

  1. Byberry Mental Asylum, founded in 1907, was the most vivid example of patient mistreatment, doctors’ negligence, and cruelty. In 1960, the hospital housed more than 7,000 clients, varying from mentally ill to the criminally insane people. Due to the dreadful conditions, the medical establishment was abandoned. Byberry is not about fleeting figures and shadowy apparitions but more about the creepy atmosphere, ruling in the hospital. The thing is that the hallways and patients’ wards were lined with human excrements. The staff abused and frequently harassed the clients. Additionally, while one doctor pulled the tooth without anesthetic, another murdered and dismembered a woman.
  2. Leap Castle, located in Ireland, was an estate of Mulrooney O’Carroll. After his death, a fierce struggle for the castle erupted between two brothers. As a consequence, one of the brothers murdered another, who was a priest, in front of his family in the chapel, famous now as the Bloody Chapel. This haunted castle is full of numerous spirits. It is believed that it also encompasses a cruel beast, called the Elemental. One can easily recognize it due to the smell of sulfur and flesh. Additionally, during the renovation of the castle, the workers found an oubliette with three cartloads of people’s remains.
  3. Shades Of Death Road, a seven-mile road in New Jersey, has different theories of the origin of its name. Some claim that along this road, highwaymen used to kill and rob people while others maintain that the locals hung up the bodies of the same highwayman along the road both as retaliation and warning. Some say that the road has its name due to three murders that occurred there while others attribute it with myriads of car crashes. However, the most plausible explanation lies in the mosquito attacks, from which the locals ran away to the remote areas across the road. The scariest about this byway is an unnamed lake near it. Known as the Ghost Lake, it became a place for the apparitions of highwaymen and their victims.
  4. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, used to be a high school until the Khmer Rouge turned it into a Security Prison in 1921. This prison became a place for torturing and murdering the prisoners, most of whom were the former soldiers or officials of the Lol Nol regime. When you discover that the Khmer Rouge convicted nearly 17,000 people to death, it makes your blood run cold. The most frightening thing is that all the victims’ ghosts, among whom are Cambodians, French, Americans, Indians, and Arabs, continue to wander through the corridors.
  5. The Mines Of Paris, stretching to 600 km all over the Parisian underground, were applied to dig out the minerals from different layers of sediment. It is a place where everyone can get lost since the mines are unmapped and their tunnels, full of human bones, absorb sound.

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