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Most Haunted Placed in The World

November 10, 2016

Most Haunted Placed in The World

Do you yearn for experiencing paranormal phenomena? Then, you need to get acquainted with the most haunted places in the world enlisted below.

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary, built in 1829, in Pennsylvania, US, is famous for being the first prison with solitary confinement, known as the Pennsylvania System. According to it, prisoners underwent rehabilitation in a single cell, being completely isolated from other inmates. Due to the severe methods of Eastern State, most of the prisoners became insane, which, consequently, led to the cancellation of the Pennsylvania System in 1913. Since that time till the 1970s, Eastern State was a regular prison but with an increasing level of paranormal activities. According to the reports, prisoners witnessed ghostly faces and shadowy figures, and heard weird sounds, including distant talking and someone’s steps.
  2. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, constructed in 1926, in Kentucky, US, functioned as a tuberculosis medical establishment. In the middle of the 20th century, when TB was at its highest peak, about 63,000 patients passed away in Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The hospital, being one of the most haunted places in America, appeared to mistreat the patients and conduct questionable experiments on them. As stated in the myriads of reports, the building is full of fleeting shadows, apparitions who scream in empty rooms and leave footsteps on the floor. Sounds like one of the most creepy stories, doesn’t it?
  3. Monte Cristo Homestead, located in New South Wales, Australia, has been renowned for its deathly reputation since its construction in 1885. The Crawley family, the estate’s residents, witnessed many deaths, including a maid who fell from the balcony, a child who was dropped down the staircase, and burnt to death stable boy. Except for these tragic events, the son of a caretaker, mentally ill Harold, spent 40 years chained up in his father’s cottage. Later, he was found near the body of his dead mother. However, after Crawley family left in 1948, a group of caretakers settled down in the cottage where one of them was murdered.
  4. The Castle Of Good Hope, constructed in the 17th century, in Cape Town, South Africa, can boast the variety of creepy events, which occurred there. In 1915, the first reports about paranormal activities informed about the phantom of a tall gentleman who was jumping off the castle walls or walking across the fortifications. Other haunting figures encompass the Lady in Grey who usually ran through the castle shouting hysterically. Furthermore, due to a suicide of a soldier in the bell tower in the 1700s, it seems to have the own accord.
  5. The Tower Of London is considered as the most ghostly building in the UK. This place is scattered with paranormal apparitions, one of whom is Anne Boleyn, whose headless body walks through Tower’s halls. Ghostly shadows of Lady Jane Grey and White Lady have also been noticed in the building. Except for women, Tower is a place for living for two ghosts of terrified children, holding their hands. Presumably, they were former princes, murdered by their uncle.

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