Mission College Admissions

Each graduate of the school strives to enter a prestigious college and get good education. The further fate of applicants depends not only on grades and knowledge but also on their personal statement.

What You Need to Write About in Your Personal Statement

  • Life Experience. Experience plays a vital role in the life of any person. It is the best teacher. Therefore, describing yourself, you need to mention your experience. You can tell about the school circles and sports sections that you attended. If you have experience of scientific work, be sure to indicate this fact. If you worked in high school, write about it. Do not hesitate to tell even about minor jobs. Each work deserves respect.
  • Personal Qualities. Describing your personal qualities, you do not need to be too modest. However, at the same time, do not look too conceited. Prove your words with facts from your life. For example, if you write that your main quality is diligence, tell people about your work experience. Do not be trivial and do not write too stereotypically. One sentence with the list of your qualities will not be enough, describe yourself in more detail.
  • Education. Your education and level of knowledge play an important role in enrolling in a university or college. Do not hesitate to write about your achievements at school. If you became a prizewinner of a scientific competition or distinguished yourself with good knowledge in a certain field of knowledge, be sure to tell about it.
  • Future Plans. Members of the admissions committee are very fond of purposeful and self-confident people. This means that by the time you enter the college you have to form a clear idea of your future life. College employees are unlikely to be interested in the template phrases about self-development or the salvation of the world. Do not write general words, argue each point of your personal plan. For example, do not write that you want to develop yourself as a personality, but rather note that you want to improve your knowledge in the field of medicine, in particular in the area of surgery. People who have a clear and detailed plan for their future can become true professionals.

Things the Admissions Committee does not Like

  • Grammatical Errors. You have already studied what you need to write about in your personal statement, now let’s get acquainted with those things that are not allowed in your text. Members of the admissions committee do not take essays with a lot of grammatical errors seriously. No matter how interesting your ideas are, the presence of mistakes in your paper will distract attention from the main things. Reread and check your essay very attentively. Do not rush, remember, your future depends on this paper.
  • Boring Text. Employees of the admission committee check hundreds of texts every day. Most of them look very boring. Be original, add a little humor and interesting facts from your life in your essay. However, do not overdo it and do not turn your work into a comic story.
  • Too Many Facts. Do not write your essay in the form of a resume. Do not list all the important facts from your life. You must write your biography confirmed by some important facts. Make sure that the event you describe is relevant and is in some way related to your desire to study at the university.
  • Lack of Motivation and Self-Confidence. You must show that your desire to study in the college is of great importance to you. Convince the admissions committee that you really want to become a professional. An insecure person is not able to become successful. Therefore, do not show your modesty in your personal statement. However, the admissions committee does not like candidates who have a too high view of themselves too. Therefore, you must find the golden mean and describe yourself in the most favorable light. These tips can help you get your college acceptance letter and become a student. Improve yourself every day, read books, write essays, study scientific literature, communicate with interesting and creative people. Being an erudite person, you can enter any educational institution that you like. Just believe in yourself and your potential.
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