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Making an order caused some troubles? Don’t know how to fill in all the required fields properly? Don’t worry. These useful tips will help you to place an order correctly and fast. Follow these steps and enjoy all the benefits of using our writing service. – Now Academic Writing is Easy!

Step 1

First of all, fill in your personal information which includes. Here all fields are obligatory to fill in. Please enter correct and up-to-date information so that we could easily contact you while having some urgent questions about your writing assignment.
Please note. Enter valid phone number and e-mail to be in touch with your order progress.

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Step 2

Enter precise paper information. This means choosing the subject, entering title, choosing type of assignment. Afterwards define paper urgency, don’t forget about choosing writing level, spacing and currency. Under the block you will see cost per page for the assignment you are about to order.

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Step 3

Choose the number of pages for required paper. Decide whether you need 1 page summary and draft of your paper. If yes, put ticks in the necessary fields. Next you need to choose writing style of your paper and fill in the gap of sources quantity. Under this gap you can choose whether you need a paper written by UK or US writer. Please note, that choosing UK writer adds 5% to your order total. The bottom line will show you order total without discount.

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Step 4

Here you have to give precise paper instructions that will help us to choose proper writer for your writing assignment. You can also add some attachments that will help us to prepare best writing for you. Next two steps are about contacting you in case of emergency at night and receiving product related updates and fresh info about custom writing services. You can put ticks in these fields to agree.

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Step 5

Next gap has to be filled in with your discount code (if you have one). After pressing “Apply discount” button your discount will be turned on.   After that you can choose preferred writer if you’ve ordered a paper from us before. Note that choosing preferred writer will add 15% to your order which will be given directly to writer.

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Step 6

We offer you a great opportunity to use our VIP services. You can get order prepared by one of top 10 writers, VIP support, or get order proofread by editor. Only now you have a chance to get VIP services package with 40%discount. Isn’t that awesome?

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Step 7

After filling in all the required fields and entering all the necessary information, you will see your total price for order. To place an order, please accept Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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After placing an order and successful payment you can feel all the benefits and high quality of writings, provided by