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Making Your Mind Work for You

December 27, 2017

Making Your Mind Work for You

That is not an easy task to sit conscious and alert during all the studying day, especially, when your professor is a monotonous and tedious 80-year-old grandpa. You are slowly drifting away to the land of sweet dreams and pleasant memories while all the necessary information just falls on deaf ears. While this does not relate to every class, there are some subjects that are simply impossible to learn due to unbearable professors. Luckily, there are some valuable tips to stick to in order to get the best even out of the most boring classes.

Making Yourself Listen Tedious Classes

Learn to Listen and Take Notes

Listening can be divided into two different types. Most of the time, you are a passive listener – simply sitting in a class and listening to your teachers storing information in a short-term memory without even remembering anything. On the contrary, an active listener is that kind of person who consciously remembers almost all the information and even makes some notes. That is why it is significant to start working on your skills and develop your abilities to stay awake during your classes.

Sit Closer to Professor

You will perceive information much better if you hear it well and nothing prevents you from getting it. Nobody forces you to sit on the first desk, but you are preferable recommended to get as close as you can. Let professor remember you as it is such a respect to be recognized. Teachers usually do not remember any names, so if you want to be a familiar face – do not lose your chance.

Do not Change Your Position in a Class…

Following the previous point, here is something more – try to occupy the same place every time you get into a class. Despite a great benefit of being remembered by a professor, there is another advantage of the permanent place in the class. Your memory often recalls information relying on surrounding associations. That means if you choose exactly the same position in the class, your brain will automatically set on the correct wavelength that will make it easy to recall the material.

…But Change Your Position in Different Classes

Perhaps you do not want to mix up your subject, especially during important tests. As it has been previously mentioned, the same seat in a class evokes certain memories that are connected with that place. That is why in order to learn to manipulate your memory, try to take different places during different lessons. This helps a lot when you have classes in different rooms, however, as soon as all your lessons are in a single one, here it is better to stick to another advice and just sit closer to professor.


Again, the best memories are created with the help of associations. That is why in order to make yourself a nice collection, organize your work in a way to create as many associations as you can. Here, the most effective recommendation will be participating in your class. Simply be active and you will have hardly any problems during significant tests.


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