Low Self Confidence Signs

June 14, 2017

Low Self Confidence Signs

Self-confidence is the belief in your abilities and being sure that you can do something successfully. On the contrary, low self-confidence is the lack of faith in your own abilities.

Here are several most obvious signs of low self-esteem.

Signs You Should Think About Building Self Esteem

You take constructive criticism to heart

You are crying alone in your room after your boss gives you some constructive criticism concerning your job performance. You take offense on your friends when they criticize your behavior in a date. You take criticism too close to heart instead of taking it objectively.

Try counting to ten before responding to criticism too emotionally.

You cannot leave home without makeup.

You feel a strong need to primp so that you can be satisfied with your appearance instead of feeling self-confident from within.

Try saying “You are beautiful” to yourself every day. You should actually mean it. Love and appreciate your own beauty.

You constantly check your phone while being alone in social situations

You cannot sit still during social situations when you are without your friends. Instead, you are constantly checking your phone to look more socially connected.

Try affirmation “I am loved” every day.

You are afraid to share your opinion in conversation

Instead of simply diving into conversation, you think twice what you are going to say before actually saying it. Being indecisive in conversation is an obvious sign of low self confidence.

Concentrate on your breath when you start thinking for the second time what you are about to say in order to avoid over-thinking.

You give up too fast

You give up your ideas and goals before you have even started action. You lack confidence in your own abilities and success.

One of the success secrets is practicing affirmation “I seek for success, not to avoid failure.”

You cannot handle sincere compliments

You become too shy and reflect when somebody pays you a sincere compliment instead of gratefully accepting it.

Try practicing the affirmation “I am loved” or “I have a lot of great qualities.”

You compare yourself to other people

You pay too much attention to people who, as you think, are more successful and lower your self-esteem by doing so. Instead of concentrating on your own strengths, you constantly focus on everybody else’s.

Try practicing the affirmation “I am more than enough.”


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