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Labor Day

September 4, 2017

Labor Day

When does Labor Day fall this year?

In 2017, this federal holiday is observed on the 4th of September on Monday.

Labor Day is considered to be a very significant public holiday that is constantly celebrated on the first Monday of September. In 1882, on September 5, this holiday originated when the Central Labor Union of New York City decided to do their best and create a day off so that a working citizen can relax.

Nowadays the people of the United States prefer celebrating Labor Day not with so much fanfare as they observed it at the end of the 19th century. There are cities that still resort to holding parades as well as community picnics. A lot of politicians try to take advantage of an opportunity to start their political campaigns. They hold different rallies on Labor Day. Since lots of Americans think of Labor Day as the end of the summer time, they go to beaches, various resort areas in order to enjoy last summer weekend.

Apart from the fact that Labor Day is believed to be a general celebration of the last summer days, people organize numerous city, state festivals that are held on this three-day long weekend.

Lots of them involve playing countless water sports. However, others will be more focused on American football, while this is supposed to be the start of the seasons. In addition, college football begins this same weekend.

Labor Day in the USA Has Become not Really Laborious

Actually, not only workers celebrate this holiday. Labor Day concerns all citizens, including students, workers, and non-workers. In fact, its origins are connected with the labor movement that existed more than one hundred years ago. Frankly speaking, the celebration has lots of differences in comparison to its original roots. Although almost all activities these days have nothing to do with the ones that were in the 19th century when people celebrated Labor Day, many Americans continue taking pleasure in the day off together with their nearest and dearest.

What Date Was Chosen for Labor Day?

It’s a well-known fact that the first Monday of September is a day when people observe Labor Day. Thus, those who need to work from Monday to Friday can have one additional day off. What is more, Labor Day indicates the end of the summer. Memorial Day in May usually marks the beginning of summer time. Nevertheless, summer doesn’t start or end on these holidays.

In the last few years, a celebration of Labor Day doesn’t involve lots of concerns regarding the labor movement. Labor Day of modern society has certain interesting features. For example, during this important holiday people enjoy their several last days of such amazing season of the year like summer. Students return to school and water parks, camps are open for service since this is their final weekend.

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