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Things You Shouldn’t Do in College

April 6, 2017

Things You Shouldn’t Do in College

When I was about to become a freshman, I also searched the Internet for the adequate information about the things to avoid in college. Although I found many lists that strictly forbade some activities in college, in reality they only stimulated me to cross the line. Please, pay attention that I am not going to forbid something.

My intent is to provide a list of activities that a wise student would never try in college.

  • Do not sign up for morning classes if you are a night owl

Although some freshmen perceive going to college as a new page in their lives, it is not recommended to expect your habits change so quickly. Although there are many tips that will help you to become a morning person, do not challenge yourself. Make studying comfortable to you and choose schedule according to your biorhythms.

  • Avoid junk food in big amounts

Consumption of junk food in copious amounts will certainly result in a couple of extra pounds, especially if you do not visit the gym regularly. In addition, junk food prevents your brain from effective functioning. Actually, there is nothing bad in eating pizza and burgers from time to time, however, avoid unhealthy eating on a regular basis if you want to be highly productive in college.

  • Do not leave your door open

Remember that you cannot trust everyone in your dorm, so do not be careless. If you want to keep your stuff safe, lock your door every time you go outside.

  • Do not lose your college ID and keys

You will be very surprised to know how many people lose these important items. It is highly recommended to keep an eye on them wherever you go, because replacing your ID and keys is both troublesome and expensive.

  • Avoid going out every night

College life always tempts you to get more and more experiences. However, you should always remember that in the first place, you came here to get education. So, avoid going out when you have important homework to do.

  • Do not order takeout often

If you buy meals in cafes and restaurants on regularly, this will soon destroy your wallet. Learn how to do shopping wisely and cook simple meals to keep your money safe.

  • Do not copy other person’s work or plagiarize

You will always be tempted to copy someone’s work instead of doing it on your own. Remember that punishment for plagiarism is severe. So, it is not worth it.

As a freshman, you are learning how to be independent and set your own boundaries. Always keep in mind that you should conform to college rules and your own reason to have the most pleasant college experience.


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