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Improve Communication Skills

May 10, 2017

Improve Communication Skills

Most misunderstandings and conflicts take place due to ineffective communication skills, such as:

  • Inconsistent or negative body language;
  • Inability to manage stress and understand emotions;
  • Unengaged listening;
  • Lack of focus.

Good communication skills connect you to others. Acquiring them isn’t as difficult you think. Follow our tips and you will certainly learn to communicate all kinds of messages effectively.

Best communication skills

1.Do your all possible to become an outstanding listener. In order to communicate efficiently and effectively, you have to listen more and talk less. Stop thinking of what you’re going to say next. Listen to a person very attentively and try to comprehend not only his/her words, but also feelings and emotions that she/he is conveying.

2.Try paying attention to numerous nonverbal signals and signs. Consider that body language comprises your body, gestures, movements, facial expressions, eye contact, voice tone, posture, muscle tension etc. It’s very essential to understand and use body language to say what you mean. Here’s what you can do to improve it:

  • Keep your arms uncrossed;
  • Stand with an open stance and with your shoulders back;
  • Maintain eye contact;
  • Smile.

Using positive body language, you will look much more confident in each situation and put your interlocutor at ease.

3.Manage your stress. You have to be aware of your emotions and learn to control them. It’s extremely important to learn to stay calm to communicate successfully. Here’re some tips to do this:

  • Stop talking and collect your thoughts;
  • Ask to repeat a question or clarify a statement before replying to it to have more time to think;
  • Be ready to compromise to make everyone feel better;
  • If possible, take a break away from the situation and calm down;
  • Go to a nice quiet place where you can restore your balance.

4.Improve your assertiveness. It will help you better recognize your interlocutor’s feelings and state your opinion more effectively. To succeed in doing this, you should:

  • Value yourself;
  • Know your wants and needs;
  • Express your feelings without violating other people’s rights;
  • Convey negative thoughts positively;
  • Accept any feedback (positive or negative) in a positive way;
  • Know your limits and learn to say ‘No.’

When you develop assertive skills, you’ll definitely communicate more effectively

While applying these skills, you can build effective communication with anyone – your spouse, family member, friend, colleague, boss, etc. Certainly, it’ll take time to develop them. But the result is totally worth it.

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