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Immigration: An Escape for the Poor Man

The issue of immigration has fast gained significance on a global scale, not least in the fields of business, economics, and trade. The population in some destination countries swells because of this movement, whether or not the immigrants are of the legal or illegal variety. The ongoing quest for better income and an improved lifestyle in another country is the most usual reason for immigration, which can make the option appear as an escape for the poor man. 

Indeed, there are several reasons that cause people to leave their own countries for other destinations. A certain number have no choice, maybe due to hostility or war, as has been the case with the Syrian people over the course of the past year and with Jewish people during the Second World War. There are other people who choose immigration because they are looking for better job options abroad or simply want to find better places to work – often called greener pastures. Some claim to have fled their home country because of persecution and prejudice. Then, of course, there are those who just want adventure or a different country to live, work and retire in.  

Undoubtedly, immigration is an escape route for the poor man, and this is not said here with any intention of sarcasm. In fact, it is quite practical to move abroad to find work, particularly if one’s home country is not showing signs of economic improvement. A country that operates by corruption and violence is unhealthy for people. In these cases, the best option is to leave. 

Often times, immigration is a courageous act. For any newcomer, life in a new country can be a daunting experience because they must get to grips with a different and new culture. The immigrant must adjust to a new way of life; they may even have to become accustomed to different beliefs and higher living costs. It can be very difficult to endure the pain and heartache of leaving family and loved. Other considerable problems include unemployment, underemployment, racial abuse, being an outcast in society for not belonging to a mainstream group, and not receiving adequate government support. Separation can also cause anxiety, as can the challenges that go with finding a new and better job.


If all that glitters is not gold in terms of immigration, why then do so many people choose it as a viable option? Why spend lots of time preparing paperwork and booking that flight to another country? There is a simple reason. Such people have no other option.   

If the governments in different countries provided sufficient jobs for every person, then immigration need not be the only option for the poor. The main earner would not have to move abroad to find work if they had decently paid work in their home country. Entire families would not be forced to leave their country if it were a safe place for them and their young children. While immigration may be a common and established practice, it is a problem that comes down to governments not adequately addressing the issues. Who indeed would suffer most from such socio-political chaos but those who are the poorest?

It is for this reason so many countries are reviewing their immigration laws. At the present time, immigrating to the US or Europe is not so easy. It is necessary to observe particular parameters and a great deal of paperwork must be prepared. Immigration officials are more cautious about who is let. All of a sudden, immigration is not such an easy escape route.

Perhaps there is another answer for controlling immigrants i.e. immigration policies should be more stringent. For instance, various authoritative bodies could be established to monitor all illegal immigrants entering a country. This would also control the size of different cities populations. Indeed, the best solution for each individual country is to provide employment only for its own people. Manpower should not be made up of immigrant people. A costs and benefits analysis of such a scheme could be undertaken. However, the process is not likely to be simple. It will be a while before all the world’s immigration authorities devise laws to control immigrant numbers.