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Ideas for Your Racism Essay

Writing a synthesis essay is a problem

Students are expected to provide new information and arguments to help readers rethink the most serious global issues, their meaning and significance. The main task when working on a synthesis essay is providing as much information as possible to support the argument, but in a structured, logical and organized way. Clarity is above everything. Quality of sources also matters. When you bring them together, you create a perfect argument that stirs the hearts and minds of your readers.

You can write a synthesis essay on any topic

However, it is becoming more popular among professors to discuss the topic of racism, both in their conversations with students and in writing. If you have difficulty choosing an appropriate topic for your racism essay, follow the 10 logical steps outlined below.

  1. Analyze and interpret the main idea of your essay. You should develop an explicit idea of what racism is and how it works. You need to develop your own understanding of the problem, justify your feelings, and develop a position that you are willing to defend in writing.
  2. Choose your sources. Here you will have to scan through numerous scholarly databases to find the sources that will support your argument. Make sure that you are using the most credible and recent sources and incorporate them smoothly into the body of your text.
  3. Develop a thesis statement. You cannot talk of racism without emotions. Develop an argumentative thesis statement.
  4. Provide arguments in support of your position. Expand your knowledge and refine your concept of racism while using compelling evidence from credible sources.
  5. Refine your thesis. Your thesis statement must clearly reflect your position on the issue of racism. It must be presented as the last sentence of your introduction. Remember that you will need to stick to your thesis while writing the body of your essay.
  6. Summarize your position. You will have to summarize your argument, as you are moving toward the end of your paper. Be clear and convincing in your summary.
  7. Do not forget to use transition: The more transitions you use, the more logical your argument will look.
  8. Active voice is a preferred option: Do not use first-person arguments or pronouns. Only third-person perspectives are appropriate in academic writing. Use active voice.
  9. Review and analyze your thesis: Take your time to review and refine your thesis. It is your last chance to create a compelling picture of racism for your readers.
  10. Edit and proofread your paper. Do not be in a hurry. Make sure that you have enough time to edit and review your paper. Even the most effective argument will lose its relevance, if it contains grammar or spelling mistakes. Ask someone else to read your paper. Read it aloud to identify major and minor inconsistencies.