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How to Write Good Poetry: Tips for Newbies

October 27, 2016

How to Write Good Poetry: Tips for Newbies

I guess, the first reaction of a student who gets a home task to write his/her own piece of poetry is that this poor thing wants to tear his/her hair out. How? Just how is it possible to write a poem if you have never done it before?

If you are one of the poor students who are struggling with such an assignment, read this article and find out our tips on how to start writing poetry.

Start as usual – with choosing a topic

Simply anyone can do poetry. Really! All you need is to free your imagination. Just think of some event that impressed you, or maybe, something interesting has happened to you on your way to college. Such a stuff might be a proper background of your first lines. The tips we have come up with are a perfect beginners guide; therefore, read this article till the end.

Be curious and ask questions

If you have chosen what you would like to write about, delve deeper into the topic and ask yourself questions – this is one of the best poetry writing tips. Jot these questions down, and start looking for the answers and explanations. What emotions does the topic evoke in you?

Start writing

Choose the tone of your writing – whether sentimental, happy, sad, melancholic, etc. Then come up with the words that make good rhymes.

Work on your first draft

The first draft may need many improvements, but do not get discouraged or disappointed. If you have no inspiration to edit and proofread at this very moment, put it in a drawer and return to it later. Meanwhile, go outside or just sit down thinking about nothing and distracting your thoughts from the daily things. Maybe, in such a way, you will come up with more ideas on how to make your poem better.

Proofread and rewrite something if needed

After some time you’ve had for yourself, return to your poem. Start proofreading and reviewing it. Brush up the vocabulary and sentence structures, and turn this raw poem into a perfect masterpiece. If you find it hard to rhyme words, don’t bother – the modern poetry does not usually have a rhyme. However, it is important to maintain the proper rhythm. After you have written your first poetry, do not be shy and share it with your friends or family. Ask them to share their opinions. Probably, they can help you improve something even more. Very often, your friends can help you with other poetry writing tips, so you may use them when writing your next poem.

All in all, after writing your first poem, it is important that you do not give up and continue working in this direction. Good luck!


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