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How to Throw a Cool College Party

December 26, 2016

How to Throw a Cool College Party

Constant parties are an essential part of college life. Undoubtedly, you have seen movies about college parties or have heard news about their insanity. If you are a lucky fellow, before entering the college, you attended some of such blowouts. However, when time comes, you are supposed to organize a party on your own. Furthermore, it is your obligation to create a magical night so that your peers leave elated and tipsy. Consider the following tips that will aid you in giving an awesome party.

  1. Time & Location. It is foolish to organize a party in the middle of the session. So, if you are willing to cater for a great night, you have to choose the time convenient for all the attendees. Keep in mind that the ideal days for partying are Friday and Saturday. As for the location, it is not a good option to organize a blowout in your apartment. Instead, find an impressive party space. For instance, you may make an agreement with one of your acquaintances who has a large house.
  2. Theme. Although the Toga party is considered as a theme of the classic party, there are myriads of styles to choose from. A thematic night will grab everyone’s attention, by creating a peculiar atmosphere. Moreover, it is fascinating to watch the odd costumes the guests wear, isn’t it?
  3. Music. Presumably, it is one of the fundamental constituents of any party. Therefore, you have to deal with this issue beforehand. Unless your classmate is a DJ, it is a brilliant idea to either buy or borrow the speakers and control the mood by applying Spotify on your laptop. This application, which is convenient in use, generates splendid playlists that will entertain your guests all night long.
  4. Attractions. When people become drunk, they usually prefer a spot where they can park. In such case, you have to introduce some games that will both create diversity and turn some areas of the party into intimate places. Since merry people yearn for intimacy, you may offer them a game that will not leave them indifferent. For instance, having inaccessible areas, including bedrooms, with valuables inside, will make the party funnier and cooler.
  5. Invitations. You have to ensure the fact that everyone is aware of your party. Undoubtedly, you do not need to send invitations via post. It is quite enough to create an event on Facebook and invite as many people as possible. Furthermore, your guests will share the forthcoming night with their friends. However, do not forget to indicate the theme of your party.
  6. Hydration. A party is not a party without alcohol. So, you have a few options. You can buy the beverages and split the bill with your friends. Otherwise, organize a party “Bring Your Own Beverages,” (BYOB), although it involves some risk.
  7. Teamwork. Finally, it is extremely complicated to throw a party on your own. So, ask your friends to assist you.

Have An Awesome Party!


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