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How to Survive in College as Introvert

May 1, 2017

How to Survive in College as Introvert

University is a place where you can meet people of different cultures, races, and languages. But how to handle all this social pressure when you’re an introvert? Let’s explore it.

What Is Good for you:

  1. Showing up late or really-really early. You’re minimizing the chance of meeting people around while going to the class. The feeling of calmness and stillness is worth waking up earlier. 
  1. Unusual Places. Under these words I mean a central department of garden management, disability services, or spatial sciences. Look for places where people are not common guests.
  1. Loner hideaways. Think what other Loners might be attracted to. Often, departments which are dealing with the inner mind (e.g. psychology, science, or IT departments) are not dealing with people at all, so use this in order to find your Loner lair.
  1. Specific places and…library? Explore each corner of your university.  You may find different interesting and comfortable places like: 
  • Grooves in walls.
  • Inverted corners of gardens and architectures.
  • Places underneath walkways or staircases.

For sure, a library is the place for a lot of people to be, and be sure that there always would be someone. But by discovering library further, you may find “silent zones” or places for studying alone. Use them in case you desperately need silence and serenity.

  1. Uncongenial Gardens.  Some gardens or parks can be nice and innocent places to hide from society. The key is to find an open area. Although, these places are vulnerable to gregarious groups of teenagers, so keep it in mind.
  1. Climb up High Enough. Many people feel safer when they are grounded, so they preferably will chill somewhere beneath. Smart decision, in this case, would be to find a higher place (e.g. balcony) which increases your chances to find solitude.

What you should  avoid:

  1. Lunch break madness.Avoid it if you don’t want to be swallowed by a crowd of hungry students at the dead of a day.

  1. Ultra-social places. Coffee shops, tavern…and the library. All of them are popular places. Enough said.

  1. Departments dealing with people. Avoid buildings where people are dealing with business, journalism, teaching, or other social studies. They are very popular among students, so find quieter places to be.
  1. Semi-circles. Semi-circular seating arrangement attracts more attention, so avoid it strategically.

In a case of the ball is in your court, I have a few hints for you:

  1. Retreat! Find a place which grabs less attention.

  1. Look Busy. Be constantly concentrated on something. People don’t like to bother busy students.

  1. Spooky Look. Positive people always grab attention around. Use your emotions as a barrier. 

Lonerhood is neither misanthropy nor philanthropy. It’s not even a mindset; it’s natural way of being. If you’re comfortable to be alone — it’s a part of you. Love it. 

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