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How to Stop Criticizing People

January 30, 2017

How to Stop Criticizing People

I was having a walk with my friends not long ago when I noticed that the conversation had become unpleasant. Each time one of my friends left, the others would criticize him or her, picking him or her to pieces if they did not like his or her closes, hair, or anything else. I definitely did not like that. I like watching people, all of them. It is quite exciting for me. Sure, sometimes I have negative thoughts about certain people’s looks, but I prefer to keep those thoughts to myself. However, many people like gossiping and criticizing others.

Here are my pieces of advice on how to stop criticizing people.

Respect other people’s choices

I do not like tattoos and piercing, personally I would never get one. But this does not mean that I have the right to criticize others for having it. Some of my loved ones have many tattoos.

I personally think that the world would become a much gentler and kinder place if all of us respected others’ choices.

Do not think you know anything about someone by their appearance

This concerns everything from hairstyle to the way a person acts. Do not think you know a person’s life story because of the way he or she looks. If a girl is wearing a short or tight skirt, it does not mean she is self-affected and knows she looks great. Sometimes it means just the opposite; this girl may be feeling non-confident. By wearing provoking clothes, she hopes to get noticed, which can temporarily increase her self-esteem.

Do not criticize people’s bodies

Most of us are completely incorrect when it comes to people’s bodies. There is nothing that gives us the right to judge others so harshly. There is so much more to a person than what he or she looks like on the outside. Remember, if you are lying on your couch watching “The Biggest Loser” eating chips or other fast food, and criticizing the contestants, you should definitely rethink your approach.

Realize that nobody is perfect

Often, we want others to be perfect. Magazines and Internet blogs Photoshop people so much that they barely look human. Notwithstanding, thousands strive to copy the same unrealistic perfect look. They rush to plastic surgeons and put themselves through painful procedures to look like nice pictures. Stop this obsession with looking flawless.

Maybe you are criticizing yourself by criticizing others

If you are criticizing someone, perhaps it is something in yourself that you do not like. Sometimes we tend to project our dissatisfaction onto other people because there is an element in our own lives, which we cannot face.

Honestly saying, I have noticed this situation with myself. When I am overly critical of some of my close friends, it often means that there is something about myself and I am disappointed with it. I notice my faults reflected through other people’s actions and it upsets me. Criticizing others often does not let us concentrate on ourselves.


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