How to Sleep with Noise

April 25, 2018

How to Sleep with Noise

Sleep plays a crucial role for students. It is necessary to renew your strength and normalize the work of the brain. Very often students live in a dormitory. Their living conditions cannot be called ideal. The problem of a loud roommate is particularly relevant. Of course, you can talk to them and explain that their conversations or music are too loud, however, they have the right for privacy and should not always read books in silence. Here are some tips on how to fall asleep with loud roommates.

How to Sleep with an Annoying Roommate

  • Use Earplugs

This device will be useful for many people who find it difficult to relax. Travelers use them in trains, buses, and motels. They are capable of ensuring silence. However, it is worth noting that there are several disadvantages. Firstly, you may feel discomfort in the ears, and instead of noise, you will be disturbed by unpleasant sensations, but this should pass after several uses. Secondly, you can become too isolated from all external sounds and, for example, may not hear the alarm.

  • Relax

The best way to adjust your nervous system to sleep is to relax. Prepare herbal tea and light aroma candles. Be careful; do not forget to put them out. Sometimes a glass of good wine also helps to calm, but remember, do not abuse alcohol.

  • White Noise

Recently, people can often see information about the so-called "white noise" on the Internet. They say that it can absorb other, unpleasant sounds. Try to use it and see the result.

  • Good Movie before Bedtime

Very often watching a movie promotes good sleep. Watch something positive and calm, for example, a film about family, friendship, or some popular science film. Do not watch horror movies or too crazy comedies.

  • Right Music

Relaxing music will help you fall asleep quickly. It can be a popular song or something from classics. It is worth noting that ethnic motives are very good at this task. Such playlists can be easily downloaded on the Internet.

  • Proper Book

Read before going to bed. Choose interesting, positive fiction. Those who cannot sleep well, as a rule, prefer interesting novels that can be read quickly, stories of O.Henry will be an ideal variant in this case.

  • Protect Your Sleep

If you find it hard to fall asleep, you can try to improve the soundproofing. For example, hang a thick curtain behind your door or glue special seals for thermal and sound insulation on it.

  • Buy Dark Curtains

Sometimes not only noise but also light interfere with relaxing at night. Buy dark curtains that will protect you from this distraction reliably.

  • Do not Think about the Noise

Do not pay attention to the noise and do not get hung up on it. Before going to bed, think about something good and be positive. To fall asleep, try the old method of counting sheep or simply remember pleasant stories from your childhood.

  • Consult a Doctor

Perhaps your inability to fall asleep with extraneous sounds is caused by some kind of frustration of the nervous system. Go to the neuropathologist. The doctor will prescribe you sedatives that will help you restore the normal operation of the brain and nerves.

  • Eat Only Healthy Food

Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep if you eat fast food at night. Do not get involved in fatty fried dishes. Do not eat before going to bed. Salad, fruit, vegetables, fat-free cottage cheese are the best options for dinner. If you change your style of eating, you will see positive results soon.

  • Do not Work too Hard

Many people know that one can fall asleep quickly because of severe fatigue. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the body can act in the opposite way, and your brain cannot relax. A headache may occur in such a situation. Take care of your health and do not work too hard

  • Do Physical Exercises

Yoga or other relaxing exercises will help your body to prepare for bedtime. However, it is worth remembering, do not do too active workouts in the evening. They may increase the tone of the body, and as a result, you will get a sleepless night.


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