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How to Read and Understand Your Biology Textbook?

December 8, 2016

How to Read and Understand Your Biology Textbook?

Biology books are complex. That is why many students face the difficulty of understanding terms and processes described in their biology textbooks. Mastering the skill of reading at the adequate level will help you to overcome the challenges in interpreting biology texts. Follow these pieces of advice and succeed in understanding your course materials.

Guideline to Thoughtful Reading of Biology Textbooks

  1. Read slowly

Biology articles have different flow than other non-scientific texts. Thus, you must read slowly and be concentrated on the content of the article only. If you are distracted in the process of reading, it is better to reread the text to enhance understanding.

  1. Every word matters

A distinctive feature of most biology texts is that there are almost no repetitions. So, if you fail to understand a previous paragraph, you will not find the explanation to it further in the text. That is why it is essential to comprehend the information word by word.

  1. It is advisable to reread each chapter three times

When reading for the first time, you should just skim the text paying attention to words in bold, topic sentences, charts, tables, diagrams and summary paragraphs. The second reading should be more thoughtful with attention to details and full understanding of the text. The third reading should be devoted to writing down important definitions and concepts and memorizing them.

  1. Talk to yourself while reading

Reading aloud and creating your own examples to illustrate the concepts described in a biology book will enhance understanding of the material. In addition, try to retell the information in your own words to clarify the material in your mind.

  1. Learn new terms

Every concept is essential in biology. That is why it is important to memorize them while reading a chapter. Make it easier to remember difficult definitions by explaining them in your own words.

  1. Study visual information

Biology textbooks are rich in charts, diagrams, and tables that contain important information. Pay attention to the details while studying this material and try to visualize it in your mind.

  1. Answer study questions

The questions at the end of the paragraph are intended to check your comprehension of the material. So test yourself and find out the gaps in your knowledge.

Using this guide, you will be always prepared to your biology exams, because thoughtful reading and comprehension of the textbook are a great deal of success

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