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How to Master the Skills of College Note Taking

October 10, 2016

How to Master the Skills of College Note Taking

Before college, you had probably not imagined that there was such thing as effective note taking. Actually, your marks or academic achievements might well depend on how good you are at taking notes. So, if you want to get to know how to take good notes, read our article till the very end!

Tips on How to Better Your Note Taking:

Be Attentive

When taking notes, it is essential to be really attentive. Many students do not concentrate on what is told by the professor. They might not grasp the overall message but try to jot down some separate words. In such way, the notes won’t serve any good as the information would not be logically written. So, if you want to get the most from the lectures, do the following:

  • Preferably sit in the front rows, where you would clearly see and distinctly hear the professor.
  • Get rid of any distractors (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Get the Right Materials

Ensure that the materials you are taking notes from can be easily accessed. Besides, buy all the appliances you need in order to take proper notes:

  • Make sure you have a separate binder or a notebook for each class.
  • If you often draw diagrams, make sure you buy graph paper.
  • A few pens and pencils (preferably of different colors).
  • Highlighters.
  • Stickers.

Know the Rules of Good Notes

You don’t have to jot down every single word or joke you hear from the professor. Try to organize everything logically. Do not write down words – write down ideas. What you should pay attention to while taking notes:

  • Formulas/keywords/bullet points/key facts/dates the professor writes on the board.
  • Some special details that the professor puts emphasis on.

Take Good Notes on Readings

Be ready that when you are in college, you will have much more reading materials than in high school. Very often, while preparing for some tests or projects, you will need to refer to specific pages or passages. Therefore, pay attention to the following methods:

  • Underline or highlight important text.
  • Use stickers if you don’t want to forget the line or paragraph numbers, or other key info.
  • Write down any terms or concepts you find confusing or challenging and want to return to them later

Organize Your Notes

Do not write on some separate sheets of paper that you might lose or forget somewhere. Notes are completely useless if they cannot be found when needed, agree? So, to keep your orders in order, do such things:

  • Indicate the course name and date.
  • Keep together all materials or reading notes for each course.
  • Keep your notes in a chronological order.

So, these are some of the many tips on how to take proper notes. Remember that to have good notes, you should use all those techniques. They will surely come in handy when you need to prepare for the exams or tests. If you need some additional pieces of advice, browse some information on the Internet, there are so many strategies there.

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