How to Make Your Gift Exchange

December 18, 2017

How to Make Your Gift Exchange

If you are a participant of the Secret Santa, prepare in advance. It’s supposed to be a fun process, which means that you shouldn’t take it too seriously. However, there are some basic rules that can help ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Here are top 7 tips that will make the gift exchange process go smoothly.

  • Pick your names: The two basic things of the Secret Santa exchange are picking a name and preparing the gift for the respective recipient. The identity of the person who makes a gift should remain a secret for the recipient of the gift. 
  • Set a price limit: It’s good to make expensive gifts, but in a collective game like Secret Santa it can make people feel uncomfortable. If the limit is 20$, no one should buy a 50$ gift, otherwise, the feeling of guilt may come over, and negative emotions is the last thing you want celebrating a holiday. Besides, expensive gifts are not always the best ones. If you craft something with your own hands – you put there the energy of your love and care, which bring a lot of added value to your offering.
  • Do a little research: You should know the needs of the gift recipient before buying or crafting your gift. If you have no idea – do a little research, ask some questions. Understand that giving a gift that’s right for a person will make that person genuinely happy.
  • Remember your audience: If Secret Santa exchange occurs among your close friends or family members – you can allow yourself to select a gift that’s funny and will remind them of some funny story. If you don’t know the recipient well – be more cautious when selecting the gift. Keep it clean and simple. If you’re doing the Secret Santa exchange in the office – don’t offer anything that will be inappropriate for the office. 
  • Consider regifting: In case someone was inattentive and gave another person an inappropriate gift, you can add the regifting option to the rules. People can find matching gifts and avoid the unpleasant situation. The only thing that should always be taken into consideration is not to regift presents to the person who offered it to you in the first place!
  • Shop sales: If Secret Santa Exchange is a regular Christmas routine for you, you can keep an eye on the deals and sales during the year in order to prepare in advance. This way you will already have gifts while everyone else will hurry up searching for them.
  • Be gracious: Someone gave you an inappropriate gift or something you don’t like at all? Don’t show your negativity, because nobody will win if you get rude. You probably have friends and relatives whom you can regift the thing you don’t need.

That’s all the rules! Happy holidays to you!


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