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How to Make Money In College

June 12, 2017

How to Make Money In College

Students are always short of cash, which is the reason to get some part time job or even start a small business. If you are having such a concern, reading this article will ease your anxieties, as it is not that hard to earn some extra money while studying in college.

Easy Ways to Make Money

Trade Your Class Notes

It is a common practice to sell your lecture notes to students from the lower years of study or from other courses. However, do not overuse such a method, you provide your peers with supplementary material not with a warranty to play truants!

Use eBay or Similar Services

You have loads of things you do not use any longer, but someone may need them, so why don't you sell them online? Be fair and attentive enough to settle prices according to the quality of the items you want to sell.

Use Your Hands

Secrets to making money are very easy, because you can make them by doing anything! If you are crafty enough, design some hand-made tiny things for Etsy platform where you can sell your hand-made accessories, elements of decor, etc. for quite reasonable prices.

Stand By The Road And Sell Gift Cards

As soon as some holiday is about to come, get some gift cards (or make them on your own), and open a small stand-store by the highway. Many people may want to present their friends and relatives, so your service will be quite suitable.

Make Use of Your Gaming Experience

You definitely don't have time to play video games much, or you may have some games that you don't play any longer. So, many people would like to get your Playstation Plus account at OK price, because new games (with various bonuses and media being locked) are quite expensive.

Sell Your Garden Stuff

If you have a little garden or some plants in the front of the house, you may take care of them, collect, and then sell. Organic food is rare and expensive nowadays, so you have a good advantage to ear some extra money!

Become a Blogger

You may start freelance blog writing or open your YouTube channel and create fun content. Soon, you will get partnership with YouTube for placing adverts in your videos or probably request for some product promotion. It is fun, and it is good money!

Rental is an Immortal Business

You may offer renting your car, bike, or even a place on AirBnb, so that you can get some extra cash from people, who need your stuff for a temporary use.

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