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How to Look For a Job Having no Experience

October 17, 2016

How to Look For a Job Having no Experience

As a college student, I had numerous issues and concerns about my professional future. I studied nursing but later expanded by specialization to include some business and marketing. I wanted to explore the nursing profession from the financial and marketing point of view, and I believed that my commitment to business studies would help me find a nice job faster. At that time, I did not know anything about the intricacies of the job market. Nor did I know how problematic it would be to find the first job for an inexperienced, although educated, candidate. This is why I decided to write this blog. I am sure that it will help you, even if you are not a student anymore.

Monitor Internships

Believe it or not, internships provide an excellent opportunity for any inexperienced student or candidate. With my major in nursing and my minor in business and marketing, I can say with confidence that it is through internships that I have made a good and relatively fast career. Of course, internships as they are raise many questions. Not everyone is ready to work for free, and it a huge amount of things to do, really. Still, you will not find a way to understand your job market better than internships. If you are truly interested in getting a job in your major specialization, hunt for internships and use them to their fullest potential. You need experience, and this is what internships are here for. What you need to do is being wise and weighed in your selection decisions. Choose the best from what you have and be happy! Be ready to work hard. You must present yourself in the best light. Persuade everyone around that you are an ideal candidate for paid work. Gain more experience and use it wisely. Do not forget to mention your internships in your job resume. I bet your interviewers will like the fact that you are determined, perseverant, and goal-oriented.

Volunteering Can Help

If you do not like internships or you do not have any feasible opportunity to become an intern in a foreseeable future, volunteering can help. You will find plenty of volunteering opportunities in your field of studies or your profession. At times, being a volunteer is better experience than being a paid worker. While being a student, I faced several situations when a paid job did not offer anything in terms of my career and professional growth. In the meantime, volunteering became a huge source of positive impressions and experiences for me. Particularly in nursing, volunteering can change the direction of your efforts. Just imagine how many people need nursing help from volunteers! If you have no experience, volunteering is the best option for you. Just think about it, and you will understand that the idea is worth considering.

Volunteering as a Minor

This option may be suitable for you, if you specialize in one or more fields or you are limited in your volunteering choice. For example, as a person majoring in Nursing and holding a minor in Business and Marketing, I could readily choose the latter for volunteering. One advertising agency said they were developing a marketing campaign for a new nursing clinic, and they wanted me to participate. I believe it could be a good starting point for any student. Who knows, maybe it will also set a direction for your future career!


Networking is another thing that could do the job for you. Your task is to tell as many people as possible that you are looking for a job. You cannot imagine how effective networking can be! Whenever you meet a new person, treat him or her as a job opportunity. Of course, this requires some special communication and self-marketing skills. You must be brave and empathic enough to start a conversation and advertise yourself. If you are that person, networking may change your life forever, making it better and more colorful.


Finding a mentor is one more strategy for landing a job, if you have no experience. Mentorship is particularly widespread in nursing. I have had two talented mentors, and both have been crucial to my success as a professional. Imagine that you have a friend, who specializes in your major but has already accomplished a brilliant career. Or you may want a mentor, who is retired and has enough time to share his or her career experiences with you. In either case, do not underestimate the value of mentorship. Mentors can save you from numerous risks and mistakes. What you need is finding a mentor, whom you like. There should be some chemistry between you, as this relationship will predetermine your future successes.

Become a Blogger

If you are looking for a job without any experience, writing a blog could save the situation. Every time you share your experiences and concerns, you attract more readers. Some of them may want to recommend solutions to your problem. Some others may be in a position to hire you for your first job. Be careful, because your blog is your brand. Monitor what you write. Every single word matters. You are here to win, and your blog will help you in this mission!

Educate Yourself  

The process of looking for a job is a window of opportunity for everyone, who wants to study and refine his or her skills. You will face plenty of continuous learning options online. Do not hesitate to join another online course, if you feel that it will benefit you. What do you feel are your weakest points? What do you think you are missing that prevents you from finding a good job? Address these weaknesses. Educate yourself. Learn new things and update your knowledge. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to compete with more advanced job seekers.

Social Media Are Here

Do not miss a single opportunity online. Social media provide excellent information and perfect connectivity for those, who seek a perfect job. Why not follow several companies on Twitter to see if they need new employees? Why not create your own Twitter account and post messages to advertise yourself? Use LinkedIn, one of the best professional networks, to come in touch with potential employers. Try to find something interesting in online job markets.

Do not think that it will be easy or quick. It may take weeks and months to find a good job. Be ready to accept unpaid offers, because it is experience rather than money that you need. It will pay back later. Now you must focus on all available opportunities and use them as a source of positive job experience. Whatever you find now will benefit you in the future. Struggle for your future, and you will win!


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