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How to Get Along with Your Professor

August 14, 2017

How to Get Along with Your Professor

Professors are human beings just like we are and they also have real human feelings. The way your professor feels about you can affect the amount of time he/she is ready to devote to helping you with the course, and the quality of recommendation he/she will write for grad school or a job. Strangely enough, just several students in 100 think about it. Assuming that you are one of the students who do not, we offer you some tricks on how to develop good relationship with your teacher.

Look Interested

It should be noted that it is the most pleasant thing for teachers and professors to observe how engaged the students are in their lectures and classes. Even if your professor or teacher is too polite to mention it, he/she always notices those students who are looking annoyed and bored – or, even worse, openly texting or reading emails. When you show that you follow him/her, actively take notes and demonstrate you are interested in the material, you certainly stand out from the masses.

Ask Questions

Often, professors interrupt their presentations and lectures to provide students with a chance to ask questions. And if your professor does so, he or she waits for a response, instead of the common apathetic silence. If you have any relevant questions, ask! This will light up your professor’s day. You will certainly get some bonus points if your question shows your understanding of the material learned in earlier classes. Besides, it would be great if the question shows you are acquainted with the reading.

Thank the Professor for a Favor

Most students do not even realize it, but professors are not obligated to do many things they actually do for students, such as making special appointments to help with assignments, answering emails on weekends etc. Professors remember when the student thanks them for any special considerations. And that comes in handy in a case you require another favor.

Join the Team

Sometimes, professors provide students with the chance to work on a joint research project or do an internship with them. It is the greatest way to start good relationship with the teacher and gain valuable experience in your field of study. If your professor does not offer you such opportunities, at least check whether you can take any additional class or seminar with the teacher you want to work with.

Continue the Conversation after Class

You will definitely stand out from the rest of the class if you approach your professor after the class to talk about the material. Remember that the better you can show your interest in the material for its own sake, not for the sake of a good grade, the better it is for your relationship with the professor. If you are shy, you can also write an email to your professor following up on a certain issue raised in class.

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