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How to Find Time for Yourself in College

November 7, 2016

How to Find Time for Yourself in College

We all need some time for ourselves. You can prefer reading books or watching TV shows, doing yoga or having other kinds of workouts, walking on your own or just sleeping. No matter what kind of activity you prefer, you still need some time for yourself to stay healthy and vigorous. Here are several things that may also help you keep yourself sane.

Go to Bed and Wake up Early

This is the easiest and the best way to have some extra time for yourself. You will be impressed when you find out how much things you can do if you wake up early. Waking up early is one of the best habits you can have. It is beneficial for your body as well as for your mind.

Bring It with You

If you like reading in your spare time, bring your book with you wherever you go. As for me, I never leave my house without a book in my bag. If you enjoy writing, take a pen and a notebook with you. You can write on breaks between classes or in a bus on your way to campus. Use every possibility you have. This is a great way to make the most of your time.

Do Everything You Can to Save Time

If you have to do work which requires a couple of hours, think how much time you need for completing it. Turning an hour of hard work into three hours of work with nonsensical breaks will just hurt you in the long run. Just do what you need to do without procrastination and enjoy the free time you get when everything is ready. You can spend your time on more pleasant things. Be it reading or a good workout, you can do whatever you need to feel happy.

Take a Weekend off

I used to be afraid of doing that, but I finally did it and it was fantastic. Contrary to common belief, your work really can wait a couple of days. Moreover, time spent on your school homework or college assignments must not spoil the weekend. Do not get me wrong: I do not mean that there is anything bad in being concentrated on your classes. But you do not have to feel ashamed to take a weekend off to read a book or just spend your time the way you like not worrying about academic papers and assigned reading. Just enjoy the life without hard work, even if it is just for two days.

Enjoy all the Benefits of Long Breaks and Weekends

Long weekends provide great chances to keep you sane. You can use all the advantages of such breaks and completely recharge yourself doing whatever you like.


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