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How to Fight Shyness?

April 27, 2017

How to Fight Shyness?

Today many female students are afraid to speak up in front of the audience. This fear is often the result of low self-esteem, shyness, or simply not studying the course material. Although you may feel absolutely fine being silent in class, such tendency may significantly decrease your GPA. There are professors who lower grades for lack of participation or even mark silent students as absent during the classes. If you are one of those students who cannot pluck up the courage to speak up in class, do not give up! We will teach you how to break out of your shell.

Start asking questions

When doing your homework, you often come across some unclear material. Without a doubt, there are many students who do not understand it as well. Ask your professor to clarify the material in class. This way you will overcome your fear of speaking up and help your classmates understand new information. If you are still too scared to ask questions in front of the audience, email your inquiry to the professor. At least, he/she will know that you are doing the homework.

Take part in debates and discussions

This may be hard at the beginning because taking part in discussions implies both asking and answering questions. Many students are scared to participate in debates because of the fear that they will seem stupid. Try to overcome this feeling by preparing well before discussions and sharing interesting information that other students may not know. When talking, keep in mind that your opinion should be supported with trustworthy facts and examples.

Impress the professor

Being active during in-class discussions and speaking up increases you GPA and makes the professor remember you. By sharing your opinions with the audience, you connect with the group and the professor. Such connection may help you in future when you will be looking for an authority to provide you with letters of recommendation.

Remember that your opinion is important

Your desire to overcome the fear and speak up in class proves that your education is important to you, and so are your opinions. Do not be afraid to express your point only because others may disagree with you. Make sure you sound reasonable and impress the professor with your ability to defend your views.

The ability to speak up in class will certainly contribute to your GPA and increase your self-confidence.

Start practicing these tips today and thrive!


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