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How To Deal With Negative People

February 13, 2017

How To Deal With Negative People

World does not consist only of positive people and even in the best place on this planet we are not insured from meeting negative people. Taking in consideration that you are probably not living in the best place on the planet, whatever that place might be, you will meet negative people from time to time. Whatever situation you are in, these top 8 tips will help you to deal with them. 

  1. Do Not Become Negative Yourself. Because if you become negative, their purpose is fulfilled – they have contaminated you with their negativity. Besides, no one becomes negative for no reason. If someone is negative, most probably this person has a problem. Try to walk a mile in their shoes. If you understand this person better, you will not be so judgmental and you will react in a more reserved way.
  2. Avoid People Who Are Always Negative. While it is good to understand and help, you cannot always do it and heal all the negativism with your care. There are people for whom negativity is a state of mind and they see it everywhere. If it is possible, just avoid them.
  3. Talk To Them. In some cases, people just do not realize how their negativity affects them and their loved ones. If you feel anger and judgment about their actions, do not speak to them. You should talk to them only if you speak out of sincere compassion and desire to help. You should be gentle and caring, but at the same time you should make them understand your point.
  4. Know the Triggers. If you know that there are certain topics or actions that will cause an outburst of negativity from a certain person or a group of people, better avoid it altogether. Know what sets people off and do not go to these places.
  5. Say Something Positive. While it rarely helps to cure a negative person, it will surely change the direction of the conversation. 
  6. Change the Topic. It is very close to the previous point with one difference. It is not necessary to change it only to something positive. You can change it to neutral or something completely different, just to distract the person from the object that leads to negative reaction.
  7. Leave the Room. In case nothing works, this is a viable option. Do not bang the door and show your negativity or emotions, just say that you cannot talk to people in this kind of psychological condition and leave the room gently. When you get back to the positive state of mind, you may continue the conversation, provided the negative person is not so negative anymore.
  8. Reign Negative People In. Do it by saying that you do not agree to their point of view and offer to look at the situation from different angle.

Know that you are in control of your emotions and conditions. Do not let anyone contaminate you. Better energize people with your constructivism.

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