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How to Deal with Different Types of Horrible Professors

March 9, 2017

How to Deal with Different Types of Horrible Professors

How cool it is to get knowledge from a great professor. From the one who is good at teaching, intelligent, who loves the subject and has some sense of humor. But that’s a combination that rarely happens, and it’s good if a professor has at least two of the above listed traits. But what if he or she has none? Of course, you can use services like rate my professor to see the testimonials and choose the specialists you like. But what if there’s only one professor who teaches the class that you need, and that professor is a horrible one? You have to deal with this situation whether you want it or not. From my own experience, I want to share with you the different types of horrible professors and give advice on how to deal with them.

Disorganized Professor

This type of professor is a real disaster for the organized people. With such a person, you will, most of the time, find yourself in a situation when you have a 10 page paper due very soon, but you don’t have any guidelines and don’t know what you should write about. This type of professor will never answer your question because he/she has no answers. You will also have no idea about your grade until the end of the semester. Here’s what you can do:

  • Find people who took that class before and ask about their experience – how the class went and what are their impressions;
  • If you work with a project or an essay, go to your professor before you turn it in. It will help you to understand clearly what they want from you;
  • Use the office hours, go to your professor and have a talk. Tell the professor about your concerns, and if it will have no effect – go to the TA.

Professor Who Can’t Teach

This type may be very intelligent, but intelligence isn’t enough if you’re a professor who can’t teach. The inability to teach makes the learning process very difficult for the students. How to deal with it:

  • Ask for help in the tutoring center or go to the TA or students who are pros in that area;
  • Use your textbook. A good book does a better job than the professor who can’t teach;
  • Ask questions during the classes. If you do this, your professor will have to address your concerns.

Professor You Can’t Understand

This type of professor may be both intelligent and able to teach, but nevertheless, you just don’t understand anything he/she says. Maybe, it’s due to their old age, an accent, or a fast manner of speech. How to deal with it:

  • Record the lectures and listen to them after the class. This will allow you to decipher the missing piece of knowledge;
  • Work with someone. Talk to people who seat nearby during the classes. If they have the same problem, you may join forces to do homework together and help each other with missing data;
  • Use resources, such as books, youtube, or other professors’ expertise.


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