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How to Create a To-Do list

June 7, 2017

How to Create a To-Do list

It’s always hard to be an entrepreneur. You need to go through a lot of decisions and plans. But it’s always not enough time for you to meet all the demands, right?

To organize yourself in a good way, you need to use some special helping tools. For instance, you can use a to-do list in order to stay focused and get organized. But most of us, use it wrong. So, let’s see what can help them.

Biggest Mistakes with a to-do List:

  1. Take Quantity for quality: Let’s say you have some task management ideas. In the end of the day, when each task is done, you feel proud, and have a sigh of relief. But how much time you are ready to spend on quick and low effective things instead of strategic ones? We waste a lot of energy on easy tasks, so we need to sort out them and define important ones.
  2. Using a to-do list as a demotivator. When you are creating a list with lots of things that you can actually do in life, it’s not how it works. Your brain wastes a lot of energy when you even think about what you haven’t done yet. It makes you ineffective, so be careful.

How to create a successful to-do List?

Here you can find easy steps of creating a productive and powerful to-do list:

  1. Less, but effective. Don’t overload your list with more than three things at a day. Most successful people I know have only one task each day. Think what will make a progress in your business and then make it important in your to-do List.
  2. Write your list right the night before to start your next day with certain goals. 
  3. Make your first line your first action of the day. Do it while your head is still fresh and only then move forward to the next step. But remember, you need to focus on the most important things first, and then check your email or Facebook. There a lot of things which may distract you, but you need to stay focused and work on.  
  4. Make a brainstorm and write down everything you want to do in the next week. Get those things out of your head. They are just misdirecting you. Focus on your main 1-3 task in your list.
  5. Sometimes small is bigger that it seems to. Sometimes, small tasks, which are not even in the list (e.g. that late present for someone’s birthday or those dirty dishes in the kitchen), might take most of your important energy. Ask yourself – is avoidance worth all that energy you use on thinking about it? Put it in your tomorrows’ to-do list and DO IT!

Just by following these five steps, you will improve your productivity while decreasing your negative mind settings.

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