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How to Cope with a Rejection after the Job Interview?

September 27, 2017

How to Cope with a Rejection after the Job Interview?

For many people, “rejection” or “rejected” are some of the worst words in language. While looking for a job, the worst fear of many people is being rejected after the interview. Some of them concentrate on this fear so much that they subconsciously attract it to their lives. In fact, a rejection is an inevitable process for many of us. It is natural that we cannot be accepted to all the jobs we apply for. Sometimes it’s not about that we are so bad, unskilled or inexperienced, it’s just we do not have relevant skills for a specific position. Moreover, different types of rejection throughout people’s lives make them stronger and more resilient, and thus provide opportunities to learn and self-develop.

Many people who have now become successful and prosperous had to deal with a rejection before. Being successful does not mean that you get everything you need immediately. Each achievement or success requires hard work. What is even more interesting is that most often a rejection was a push for some people to try harder and finally attain the desired goals.

Therefore, just treat a rejection as a natural process rather than a traumatic experience that is hard to overcome. If you perceive a rejection too seriously, you will then waste much energy on coping with the aftermath of it. Just treat it as an experience that will benefit you regardless whether it’s the first job in your lifetime that you are applying for or already the fifth one.

Tips on how to Cope with Rejection:

  1. Evaluate your skills, abilities and your value as objectively as possible. Simply try to practice self-reflection and come to realize that this rejection is not a sign of diminishing your capacities.
  2. Practice positive thinking: having a strong belief in yourself and your opportunities will have a powerful impact on your future success. Change the words in your mind: instead of criticizing yourself, just try to find positive aspects. Become more aware of the thoughts that fill your mind and you will be surprised how your life will become a more quality one.
  3. Ask for feedback. Upon hearing that they are rejected, many applicants are overwhelmed with emotions and run out of the interview room whatsoever. Instead of doing this, ask for feedback. Just try to listen to the reasons why you have been rejected: maybe, it’s not because you are not so skillful or unprofessional but because your skills would be more relevant to the other position.
  4. Do not take this rejection personally.

Do not overthink that it’s because of your looks, clothes, manners of speaking, etc. Do not take it on personal level. Besides, if your looks were really the reason for denying you the opportunity to get the job, would you like to work in this kind of place?

  1. Bring your focus back to the process of job searching.

Many candidates are so deeply discouraged after the rejection that they make a break for some indefinite period of time in their struggle to find a job. The best advice I can give you here is to go on looking for another position straightaway after the rejection. It will give you an additional burst of energy.

Follow these tips and never give up attaining the dream job you want!


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