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How to Cite Effectively

When a student needs to write a good essay, he/she should learn all aspects and follow all rules given in the most up-to-date guidelines. You have to learn about an essay organization, content and sources citing. There are various academic assignments that require extensive work with sources. If you want to support your arguments with an idea of another reputed author, you have to cite his/her thought in accordance with the required writing style. If you do not know how to cite, the following article will become your helpful assistant since it will provide you with the most effective secrets necessary for high-quality writing.

Learn the Peculiarities of the Writing Styles

Using the idea of another author is a good option as long as you are going to cite it properly. Before writing your paper, you have to learn the peculiarities of the required writing style. APA citation requires present perfect tense or past tense when using the statements that refer to the previous research. When you need to cite some idea in APA, be sure to choose the author-date method. It means that the last name of the author and the year of publication should appear in your text, for example (Lawrence, 2000). The complete information about the author and publisher should go to the reference list. In APA writing style, long titles of books and articles should be italicized or underlined. Be sure to put the quotation marks around the short titles, the titles of the movies and songs. Long quotations (40 words and more) should be placed in a freestanding block omitting quotation marks. Such a quotation should appear on a new line and indented ½ inch from the left margin.

MLA citation requires equally delicate approach. When you need to follow the MLA writing style, be sure to refer to the words of other people with the help of parenthetical citation. This option implies placing relevant information about the source at the end of the quote. This information depends on the source medium (print or web). In MLA writing style, the list of references is called Works Cited. Each quote you provide in your text should directly correspond with the information in the Work Cited page.

Some students experience problems when it comes to Harvard citation. As well as other citations, Harvard citation should appear in the text along with the author`s last name and the date of the source`s publication. The other details about the source used should appear in the reference list and need to include the author`s name, the name of the source, the date of publication and the publisher`s name.

Chicago referencing in its simple way gives a quote along with the author`s name and the date of publication. The short references that can be found in the text are given in round brackets. Unlike other referencing styles, Chicago writing style has not the distinction between the books, documents, journal articles, etc.

APA style citation is the most common writing format; however, your assignment may be special and require peculiar referencing. If you hesitate about what style to choose, feel free to consult with your instructor. He will advise the perfect style for your assignment as well as provide you with the effective guide of this style.

Using Someone`s Work Without Proper Citing Leads to Plagiarism

We assure you that plagiarism is the major concern in academic writing. If the professor notices some instances, even not the major ones, it will influence your reputation. Therefore, you have to cite each work correctly. We assure you that this rule is also valid for various pictures, graphs, and statistics. If you want to insert some information apart from your own words, be sure to refer to its author. If you paraphrase some text, you have to mention the author of this thought since borrowing the idea of the other writer without acknowledging his name is a serious crime in the academic world and is strictly punished. Therefore, you have to be cautious: be sure to check your paper via the available plagiarism checkers to avoid the problems.

If you have some questions or doubts regarding MLA in text citation or any other referencing style, do not waste your time and ask us for assistance. We have hired the best writers for you to be 100% satisfied with the result of our work. We assure you that our experienced team of writers and editors will help you to cope successfully with any writing style.

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