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How to Be Found on LinkedIn

September 4, 2017

How to Be Found on LinkedIn

When used appropriately, LinkedIn is a really useful networking service. You are able to see your connections without spending much time on searching. The service is particularly useful when you are searching for a job. This powerful networking tool can maximize your chances to get employed.

So, what basic information you need to know in order to learn how to navigate through LinkedIn?

Profile summary

The very first section that might (or might not) make recruiters read more about you is the summary of your profile. This section is your perfect opportunity to create a good first impression on your potential employers or colleagues. Keep in mind that a profile summary is far more than simply a list of your abilities, responsibilities, and tasks. On the contrary, in this section, reflect on your major achievements and ways how you could benefit the organization. This section is a great opportunity for you to “sell” your accomplishments and skills. This way you will demonstrate how valuable you could be to your potential employer.

Add your main skills + keywords

With the advancements in technology and the ongoing rapid process of globalization, our expectations have also increased. We expect more to be done in less time, as well as demand the processed to be effective and responses quick. All in all, automatized processed has eased the life of many recruiters: electronic CVs, interviews via the Internet, etc. Apart from these benefits, another thing that is popularly used by many recruiters is the keyword search when looking for potential employees. Therefore, make sure you can be easily accessed online and devote some time to adding relevant keywords to your profile.

Place a professional photo

Apart from a profile summary, a suitable professional photo is another thing that will attract others’ attention and make a certain impression. Think carefully when you choose which photo to place on your profile. It should not be a pic of you hanging out somewhere on the beach or a party. You should create an impression of a responsible, professional and approachable person.

Learn how to properly invite to connect

When you connect with someone, do not only send him/ her generic invitation. Rather take your time to write a brief message on why you would like to connect with that person, why it makes sense to you. How would you feel if you were randomly connected to any strangers?

Establish relationships

A good relationship is built on mutual trust and communication. Just being connected to someone on LinkedIn does not mean that you are friends or colleagues already and that you are free to ask for something anytime. You always have to work on establishing professional and rapport relationship. Most  significant, the person you try to build a relationship with ought to be open to it as well. Besides, you ought to have some mutual benefits from the following connection.

​Make LinkedIn your personal brand

It is not enough to fill in the basic information in your profile. Make sure you spend enough time on polishing your profile as if you were writing a CV. Because actually, a LinkedIn profile is truly a kind of an online resume. As well as that, personalize your URL address and join relevant groups matching your interest.

LinkedIn is really important for establishing and developing business contacts. Therefore, make sure you tailor your profile information so that, in case you are looking for a job, your LinkedIn profile will be of immense aid for you.

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