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Holi Safety Tips

March 13, 2017

Holi Safety Tips

Are you going to celebrate Holi – the most bright and colorful holiday?

Here are some pieces of advice on how to make this beautiful day safe and joyful.

  • Play safe. Do not get berserk and do not let other people act rude with you.
  • Use homemade natural colored powders that are skin friendly. If you have no opportunity to use natural powders, then make sure you use the ones of good quality. Purchase our colors from the reputed shops or vendors.
  • It is better to use pink and red colors as they can be easily washed off. Such powders as green, yellow, purple and orange include some harmful chemicals and are recommended to be avoided.
  • Moisturize your skin, especially face, before and after a party.
  • Oil your hair so that colored powders do not stick on it and are easily washed off. You can also cover your head with a hat or cap.
  • Ensure that the colored powders do not get into your eyes. Keep in your mind that eyes are very vulnerable during this fest. Keep the eyes protected with sunglasses at all the times.
  • If you want to save your teeth from unwanted stains, you can use dental caps.
  • Put on the worst or oldest clothes you have to the celebration so that you will not have any regrets about them after Holi.
  • While traveling on Holi Day, keep all the windows in the car shut. Avoid bumping into the rabid crowds if you are taking to streets. It is recommended to cross the road to sidewalk across.
  • Avoid using permanent dyes. If somebody applies them to you, you should not wash your skin with soap immediately, especially in cases when they are wet. It is better to use cleansing milk for removal, which will prevent your skin from drying.
  • Take a shower or a bath as soon as the celebration is over. Taking frequent baths and washing skin and hair multiple times harm your skin and hair, as too mush shampoo or soap has a drying effect.
  • If you have a predisposition to skin allergies, you should not play with gulal altogether. It makes no sense to visit a dermatologist after the damage is done.
  • Do not run or jump on wet floors, as there is a risk to injure yourself.
  • Do not abuse bhang and alcohol so that you will not have to repent later.
  • Keep by hand antioxidants, anti-allergic tablets and pain killers if some of the above tips have been disregarded.
  • Do not forget that you have the police on your side, and if anyone misbehaves, you have the right to make your complaint.


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