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Hobby: Self-Indulgence or Way to Get a Job

July 24, 2017

Hobby: Self-Indulgence or Way to Get a Job

While talking about hobbies and their impact on our lifestyle, people often underestimate the necessity of paying attention to our inner voice, desires, and preferences. This tiny amount of time we devote to our hobbies has a crucial effect on our character as well as our state of well-being. Moreover, the skills and the knowledge we acquire while dedicating ourselves to our passions make us outstanding personalities, who can excel and contribute to any working process.

As soon as you’ve decided to build up an impressive resume, be ready to devote some time to the evaluation of the skills, habits, and features you’ve earned thanks to your hobbies. Never treat your hobby as a way you self-indulge yourself, but consider it as a breeding ground for your self-development that will help you to get a job.

How Your Hobbies Influence the Employer’s Decision

The way you communicate certain skills, habits, or preferences in your resume is the pledge of your success to get a job. How is it possible, you’ll wonder?! In fact:

Hobbies teach you time management skills 

It isn’t simple to find some time for stuff you like to do the most. Painting, gardening, fishing, or any other activity requires TIME that you usually don’t have because of the everyday grind. Nevertheless, those people, who succeed in finding time for pleasure, have definitely mastered time management skills.

Hobbies improve your communicative skills 

When you go in for sports or visit any club or simply enjoy playing football at the weekends, you find it easier to get along with people and become more flexible. In other words, you acquire the networking skills, necessary at any workplace.

Hobbies enhance a person’s self-discipline 

Another benefit you get from having a hobby is the ability to control your emotions. If you enjoy sport, it means you do it regularly. If you like gardening, it means you are responsible for all the plants in your garden and won’t let them die because of your laziness, bad mood, or forgetfulness. If you start doing something that brings you pleasure, then you understand that there is no excuse for missing the knitting class or visit to the swimming pool. You develop the sense of responsibility, hence, self-discipline, which should be the key feature of the character of each employee.

Hobbies let people stay positive and happy 

A worker with a positive can-do attitude is worth his/her weight in gold. Those people, who do nothing but work, are usually gloomy and are not eager to use their own initiative. They are impolite and unsatisfied with their position and life in general. On the contrary, people, who devote time for their hobbies, are happier as they are able to find and restore their equilibrium. Consequently, people, who have hobbies are healthier mentally and physically and it’s always more pleasant to work or meet on the interview people with smiling faces.

Bear in mind the fact that our hobbies reflect our personality and enrich our outlookJ Consider your hobbies from the perspective of skills and knowledge you’ve gained and make them work for the desired position.


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