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Habits that will Help You have a Relaxing Semester

March 2, 2017

Habits that will Help You have a Relaxing Semester

This article will, probably, help you build useful and healthy habits, which will allow you to stay relaxed and feel great even when your vacations are over. So, here they are – habits that will let you stay happy during your studies.

Get Outside

Most millennials tend to sit in front of computers rather than to go for a walk. However, every college provides awesome outdoor opportunities, which you should definitely take advantage of. This useful habit will significantly help you de-stress.

Such activities as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, climbing trees, or simply walking provide your organism with fresh air. Surrounding yourself with nature greatly helps put problems aside and improve health.

Schedule Time for Rest

If you are a college student, it is likely that you have a schedule. You definitely make time for your classes, studying at home, maybe working and various other activities, but do you make some time for rest?

If you are that kind of type-A perfectionist, you may require a schedule in time to devote specifically to relaxing. Think well and decide how much time for relaxation you require weekly and write it down. Remember that you should commit to it. Whether you need an entire weekend or two hours before going to bed every evening, it is vital to have specially dedicated time so that you always remember about the importance of relaxation for your well-being.


Journaling is a great way to stay de-stressed if you like or hate writing. You can start a gratitude journal where you will write daily affirmations, things you are grateful for or the positive ones that happen each day. A journal will help you stay positive and understand yourself better. Besides, a simple act of writing before going to sleep is soothing and may help you have a better night sleep. In the long term, the ability to unload your feelings every day is a way to stay relaxed as those emotions are on the paper and are not bottled up inside you.


It is likely that meditating is the most commonly given advice when it comes to relaxation, and not without purpose. It really helps de-stress and is a great way to relax for everyone. Try meditation, and you will see that it is actually accessible. You will find there several guided meditations at varying lengths on the internet. Even if you are sure that meditation is not for you, simply give a couple of minutes to try a guided meditation. It is one of best chances to take a break and reduce a stress level.

Find a Perfect Time for Yourself

Introverts definitely know that they require time to themselves, but even extroverts require “me time” sometimes. As all of us are different, the kind of activities that are most relaxing will also be different for everybody. You may prefer painting or coloring, listening to music, taking a bubble bath, watching TW shows, or reading books. Whatever activity you prefer, ensure it makes you feel happy.


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