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Guest Dogs at Christmas Period

December 25, 2017

Guest Dogs at Christmas Period

Christmas time makes people feel unbelievably happy. Meeting relatives, making gifts, eating a lot of tasty food – all these activities are only a small part of the holiday mood. However, not only people are fond of celebrating Christmas. You may make your little brothers really happy if you begin caring about Holidays 4 Dogs. There are a lot of issues that have to be considered to make the dogs that will be staying at your place feel themselves secured and comfortable.

Thinking about Canine Christmas


Usually, your children come home for the time of holidays. For the dogs, it may be stressful to meet new people, especially when these new people do not know how to behave themselves. Inform about the Holidays 4 Dogs and make them respect temporary rules, including no extra noise within a room with a dog. This particular problem may cause much bad consequences. Where there are a lot of people, there is usually a lot of food. Your four-paw friends do not mind eating everything that they can find, so make sure that neither you nor your guests leave anything accessible to animals that may harm their stomachs.


Even if you have cared about the safety inside the house, there is some possible hazard from the side of your neighbors. ‘No parties’ at your place does not mean that neighbors will not organize parties, so it is better to find out everything in advance. If they are still going to throw a party despite your requests, make sure your windows and doors are closed. Noise is one of the things that dogs are most scared of. Christmas is time for fun, but dogs do not understand loud entertainment.

Christmas Tree

Another thing to secure is your Christmas tree. Dogs simply enjoy spoiling decorations and toys, biting lights and eating those green needles. There are a few possible saving variants, but it is suggested to put the toys high enough, or to make an improvised fence around. Also, the presents that will be put under the tree are also a tempting thing to play with. If there is some chocolate inside and a dog has easy access to the target, you should be ready for big cleaning. Also, another important issue to consider is male dog problem. They may be too excited to see a tree inside a house and not understand the difference.


The same as with noisy neighbors, firework show is the activity that may stress out your little guests. Find out how the dog reacts on such light show and in case of negative reaction, be sure to close all the doors and windows to keep your canine secured.

Christmas Morning

On a day of opening presents, everybody is so much excited that even your dog shares your holiday mood. That may be dangerous though, as giving up dog’s routine is not a good idea. Try to keep regular feeding time and walking habits to avoid any unexpected consequences.

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