Grant Proposal Writing

The Definition of Grant Proposal Writing

Shortly saying, a grant proposal writing is an application for money, which is actually a grant that is directed to the commercial or non-commercial grant-awarding company.

Looks like it is nothing difficult. Let us go deeper. A grant is an amount of money provided by a company for some aim, usually humanitarian, scientific, or artistic. It can be awarded by a government organization, non-commercial, or corporation. Most of the time, the purpose of the company awarding the grant is to influence some kind of useful changes. This will be in accordance with the grantees' direction, vision, and values.

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How to Create a Successful Grant Proposal

A worthy grant proposal usually introduces a project that is almost ready. It should not be suppositive and should involve a strict order of steps, schedule, and a financial plan. Shortly speaking, the scheme below is suitable for all grants regardless of size. It is always essential to double-check the particular demands detailed by the grantee and if there is a need to follow a certain format. The next elements are the main parts of any successful grant proposal:

  • Cover letter

This is the small, conceptual part of the proposal where you need to message (1) approximately, what your project includes, and (2) how much financial resources you need.

  • Executive summary

This part is a more extensive depiction of what your project includes, what is your personality or company, and in which way your project suits the culture of the grantee. (This can be presented both ways explicitly or implicitly, depending on which is suitable). This chapter shows more details than the previous one, but still, you do not disclose the nuances of your offer. They will be presented later.

  • Statement of need

This part is a detailed plan of the certain issue that you are trying to resolve. It is essential at this step to depict the issue in certain terms, basing on data and practical samples where you can. It is also a good idea to mark that it is possible to resolve the issue, so you can stay sure that the grantee feels confident. 

  • Aims and objectives

In this part, you describe which outcome you wish to achieve in both common and definite terms. Depict the more extensive effect you want to make before going to quantifiable results the grantee’s money will help you get.

  • Techniques and schemes

The aims and objectives part was the what; this is the how. Here, you concretely detail how you plan to reach the results introduced in the part above. This is one of the most essential sections of the whole grant proposal writing, as it includes the actions you looking funding for. 

  • Plan of estimation

Your plan of estimation is your system for the dimension of the development of your project and provides accountability for you and the grantee.

  • Budget

It has a clear assignment of how the money received will be spent.

  • Company information

Together with the detailed information about your company, include life stories and positions of the key persons that will be introduced in this part.

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Despite the rules of worthy grant proposal writing are almost the same, there can be a little difference between some spheres. Grants usually are divided into three groups: charitable, scientific, and artistic. Here is some advice to cope with each:

  • Charitable

For getting a grant in this sphere - resolving social, medical, educational, ecological issues - it is essential to concentrate on the significance of the question and why your solution way is more beneficial than others. 

As such projects usually include a great number of members, marking their individual knowledge and skills is a great idea.

  • Scientific

For such a kind of proposal, you should underline the assistance it will make to the scientific world, together with the more extensive societal effects. Information, statistics, research are absolutely needed here. 

It is also important to avoid too many scientific terms. Create a proposal with a simple language.

  • Artistic

Proposals for such a kind of project should introduce the history and past portfolio of the personalities included, the position of art will play in the more extensive community, and how the money will be spent (following a certain time schedule).

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If you need to receive a financial pillow for your project, you will definitely need to write a worthy grant proposal giving beneficial information. Grants are most of the times provided by the governmental or profit organizations. Nevertheless, you have a chance only if your proposal meets all the demands. If you think that your work satisfies the requirements set by a certain organization, fill up all the needed forms, and wait for the comments. If the answer is affirmative, give them the last copy of your grant essay supporting it with a cover letter.

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