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Good Personal Statement

May 8, 2017

Good Personal Statement

You have high grades that will easily allow you to get into the college of your dreams. The main issue is that many other applicants have them, as well. So what is the best way to stand out among others? The answer is simple: a quality application essay or personal statement.

In the multiplicity of highly competitive applicants, your application essay plays a crucial role in increasing chances. It is a great way to show the benefit you can bring to the college. For writing an outstanding personal statement, use the following tips.

Write One Exciting Essay

Various applications have various prompts, but most of them have similar questions about challenges you faced or things that are not expected to learn about you. Gather all the various and sundry prompts and choose the ones which you think will be the best for your applications. It is much easier to take time and make all the efforts to complete one exciting statement instead of writing several ones.

Concentrate on One Certain Instance

A good application essay is like an intriguing snapshot not like a hastened movie. It is better to concentrate on one instance which is important for you or shows something vital that ties into the application prompt. With the limit of 500 words, you actually do not have much space to cover several separate ideas.

Avoid Repeating other Parts of Application

You can be tempted to describe how great you did in certain classes in the application essay. Try to avoid temptation! Remember that the rest of application includes all the academic accomplishments. Use your personal statement to capture aspects of your personality that the other parts do not cover.

Show Your Personality

Educational institutions look for students with a unique perspective that can add to the college and classmates’ education. Ensure the selected snapshot reflects your personality in the best way. College admission officers would like to know what interests you, what passions you have, and how you will drive the success in their college.

Connect an Essay to Your Expectations for College

Ensure your personal statement connects some critical information about you and your further expectations for college. Explaining how do you foresee your college achievements is one more benefit that will make your essay stand out from the others.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Do not forget to proofread the completed personal statement. Careless and inattentive mistakes increase the chances for your paper to become rejected. Also, make sure your paper is kept within the provided word limit. Ask a friend or parent to read the statement and share his/her opinion whether the paper represents a description of what makes you unique.

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