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Getting to the Show for Free

December 25, 2017

Getting to the Show for Free

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that it is not pleasant to pay for seeing your favorite musician or rock band. Constant fees are really annoying and the situation requires some actions to be done. After thinking for a bit, there are some easy ways out that do not demand anything special from you.

Avoiding Entrance Fees for Concerts

Apply for a Concert Facility

If you cannot get into the place when it is the concert time, you should simply be there before the concert. Part-time jobs are always needed, especially in the period of big events. Not only will you have a chance to enjoy your favorite singers for free, but will also earn a few bucks for your own needs. If there is no chance to get employed to the desired place, contact your local security agency. When you find out that the band is coming you can offer your services to your boss – this is how you get there for free.

Become a Member of a Street Team

Even if you do not get the access immediately, you will be considered as a street team member and in the future, it will give you an opportunity to get to the concert for free. What is more, you will be able to have an opportunity to travel to different places of the country to support your band, also costless.

Listen to the Radio

Perhaps nowadays the youth do not like to listen to the old-fashioned radio waves. However, that may turn out to be extremely beneficial if you are looking for a free bargain. Taking part in various contests and giveaways can win you anything, including some tickets to your favorite concerts. Apart from that, talking to the most popular DJs of your local area may be also quite a memorable experience.

Contact The Band

If you are really such a true and devoted fan of your favorite band or singer, simply write them a letter where you will tell how much you are eager to get to the concert. Try to be as honest as possible and your patience will eventually pay off. Moreover, you can even get a backstage access and if you are that lucky, even a personal meeting with the celebrity.

Make a Blog

In order to attract the attention of the facility or celebrity, you can start writing about them. Mentioning and tagging them in your blog will definitely make them notice you. That is how you can become a guest and receive a special invitation either from the establishment where the concert takes place or from the celebrity directly. Not only you get to the place for free, but also have a chance to become a famous blogger, being recognized by the community.

Be Persistent

The singers usually have a soundcheck two or three hours before the show begins. Meet them and explain your situation to get the entrance to the place. They will be happy to help you if you choose the right words. Again, not only will you visit the concert, but will also speak to the people you admire.

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