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Free Alternatives for Study in Europe

February 6, 2017

Free Alternatives for Study in Europe

It has been calculated that in 2015/2016 an average tuition fee in American public colleges reached almost $10,000 and about $33,000 in private institutions. That is why many students from America prefer to move to the Old World and apply for free educational grants there. These are eight most popular destinations of free education in Europe.


It is the fourth country in the world, in which students mostly go to study. There is no payment for study at all! The system provides more than 1,000 English-speaking programs that is why language is not a problem. Living is also not very expensive – no more than $1,000 per month, including food, entertainment, and transport.


It sounds surprisingly, but almost all public colleges here are free for Americans. The best universities are located in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Despite the fact that education is mostly free, students have to pay a small registration fee of $600 every year. The language of study is Icelandic, however, a few courses are taught in English.


Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier, all these gorgeous cities offer a perfect opportunity for American students to study on a free basis. As in other above-mentioned countries, only a small annual fee is required: $208 for an undergraduate student and $290 for a master degree.


Did you know that cold climate creates better studying opportunities? That is why such cities as Oslo and Tromsø are among most popular choices of the American students abroad. Free education in “Paris of the North” with living costs only about $1,700 per month seems great, taking into consideration Norwegian pristine nature.


Although being free at this moment, Finnish education will soon be changed. Moreover, it is a little bit difficult to get here, as you must prove to have at least $7,375 for personal expenses per year. On the other hand, with extremely high quality of life, advanced technology, and great education Finland may become a perfect choice.


In order to get a decent PhD it is advisable to go to another Nordic country. The University of Uppsala, which is one of the oldest higher educational institution (1477), will be a great choice. Low application fee makes a nice combination with monthly average living cost.


With the access to the beautiful mountains and beaches as well as universities, this small but progressive country offers an abundance of opportunities. In Ljubljana, with its accommodation prices of $220 per month and low living costs, you will find one of the best places for American students.

Czech Republic

If you are into Czech culture, eager to know its traditions and language, the doors of all public universities here are open for you. Over 70 universities, including the ones in Prague, Brno, and Ostrava have a lot to offer to American students. Moreover, you will need only around $350-750 for living and entertaining yourself here.


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